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What does FAQ mean?

The FAQ page is a must-see on any company’s website. However, when asked, “Is FAQ an abbreviation?” or “What is the difference from Q&A?” This time, we will thoroughly explain the meaning of such FAQ, the effect and necessity of the FAQ page, how to actually create it, and useful tools.

[What is the abbreviation and meaning of FAQ? How is it different from Q&A]

●FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Question”

FAQ is an abbreviation of “Frequently Asked Question”, and in Japanese, “frequently asked question” is the closest word. In general, it seems that it is often read as “F A Q”.

● Q&A stands for “Question & Answer”

On the other hand, Q&A is an abbreviation of “Question & Answer”, and the difference is that Q&A does not include the “frequently asked” element that is included in FAQ. However, in practice, very few people or companies use these two terms interchangeably, so you don’t need to think too much about them.

[Why is FAQ necessary? What are the benefits

Now, many services and companies have FAQ pages, and of course there’s a reason for that. Having an FAQ has many benefits for a company. The main three are:

(1) Reduction of customer service costs

If the customer’s question is answered by the FAQ, the customer does not have to make an inquiry. From a business perspective, this means less customer-facing work. There are many costs associated with customer service, such as personnel costs for staff who respond to inquiries by phone and email, rent for the office where those staff work, and personnel costs for administrative staff. FAQs can help reduce these costs.

②Improve customer satisfaction

While responding to inquiries is costly for companies, inquiries are stressful and troublesome for customers. You also tried to call the company’s inquiry desk, but you couldn’t get through for a long time, and you got frustrated. I think there is. If the questions are answered by the FAQ page, you can eliminate this unsatisfactory inquiry process and improve customer satisfaction.

③Improvement of site PV – SEO evaluation also rises

By browsing the FAQ page, the PV of the site itself will increase. FAQs are literally “Frequently Asked Questions”, so they are often searched. An FAQ page can direct prospects and customers to your page.
In addition, in order to solve the question, users can move around the FAQ, which has the advantage of increasing the site’s circulation rate and improving the SEO evaluation.

[Thorough explanation of how to create and write FAQ pages. What is a tool system that helps creation]

If you want to create a FAQ page, there are mainly two options for how to create and write it. Either “(1) Create your own FAQ page” or “(2) Install an FAQ system.” The specific methods for each method are described below, so please refer to them.

● ① Create your own FAQ page

If you want to create your own FAQ, follow the steps below.

・Determine what to put on the page

First, you need to decide what to include in your FAQ. We assume what kind of troubles and questions our prospective customers and customers have, and create articles that solve them. When doing this work, it would be effective to collect customer surveys and past inquiries, create a customer journey map, etc. and imagine the customer experience.

・Edit your own site

Now that you have created your FAQ content, you need to put them up on your site.

The method of editing the site differs depending on the tool you use to create the site, but if you are using WordPress, for example, it is convenient to install a plugin. A typical example is the Ultimate FAQ . There are many more, so if you are using WordPress, it would be a good idea to look for a plugin that meets your needs.

It can also be created with SharePoint, which is well-known as a file-sharing and information-sharing service. In this case, it can be easily created by using the “list” function in SharePoint.

● ②Introduce an FAQ system (FAQ tool)

In (1), we have set up how to create a FAQ page on your own, but in fact there are many cases where you should consider introducing a FAQ system tool.

It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a FAQ page on your own. For example, as the scale of a service or company grows, it becomes more and more difficult just to collect and organize inquiry data. Also, the FAQ page does not end once it is created, it needs to be updated on a daily basis. Based on these, it can be said that you should consider introducing an FAQ system tool that automates and streamlines the creation of FAQ pages.

The FAQ system is a system that aggregates frequently asked questions and their answers, and makes it easy to search and share them. The main functions are as follows.

・Natural sentence search & Suggestion search

Natural sentence search is a function that allows you to search by entering words that look like normal spoken words in the search window in the FAQ page. For example, “How can I increase the memory?” is an example of a natural sentence. Also, according to this, the suggestion function will suggest (recommend) a FAQ page that may lead to a solution.

・Category search

This is a function that allows you to set categories for FAQ pages and allow customers to search for FAQ pages that may solve their questions from the categories. For example, a user who wants to refund a service can reach the FAQ page in the form of “Questions related to payment” > “Cancellation / refund” > “How to apply for refund” from the category list.

・Tag search

This is a function that allows the page to be searched even if a word that is not included in the title of the FAQ page or the content of the article is searched for a pre-registered word. For example, if an article titled “How many grams of protein is in product AAA?” is tagged with “ingredients” and “nutrition,” users can You can find this article by searching for .


Recently, the number of FAQ systems using chatbots is increasing. In this case, the chatbot can take the place of the operator and respond to the customer and guide them to the appropriate FAQ page.

[FAQs are essential for corporate websites]

It is no exaggeration to say that FAQs, which have various effects such as improving customer satisfaction, streamlining customer support, and improving SEO evaluation, are indispensable for corporate websites.

However, it is extremely difficult to collect, organize, and update inquiry data manually, and to deliver it to the people who need it at the necessary timing. Therefore, the AI-based FAQ system provided by AIX LAB uses the latest technology to collect, categorize, and optimize display of data. If you are a company that wants to efficiently create a high-quality FAQ page, please consider once.


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