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How to open and set up a verified LINE@ account

Did you know that LINE@ has an account called **Verified account*, which is different from a general account ?

What is a verified account ?

After applying in the local business/EC or media category, you can obtain it after our company’s review. In addition to the basic specifications of a regular account, a verified account will be given a verified badge and will be visible in search results within LINE.
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As the name suggests, this is an account that has preferential treatment, such as being more likely to be found in searches on LINE@.

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If your store or brand seems like a good fit, open an account right away. You can use it for free as long as the total number of messages delivered per month does not exceed 1,000.

Step1 Open an accountGet an account with a physical store such as a restaurant or retailer , or a verified account if you’re an online shop . Verified accounts are more easily found by users within LINE , including in search results within the LINE app .

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Verified accounts can apply for an account from the official LINE@ website . It can be obtained after being examined by LINE.

If your store is not a physical store or an online store, or if you do not need a verified account , you can apply to open one from the LINE@ dedicated app . Download the dedicated app and open an account . It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Step2 Configure basic account settings

Once you have created an account , let’s go through the basic settings.First, choose your account icon image, account display name, and industry.

Set the “word” that will be displayed when your LINE@ account is displayed on the LINE app . Describe the appeal of your account in one word.Set whether to include automatic response messages. Auto-response messages are the automatic delivery of pre-prepared template messages when a user sends a message. On the other hand, if you do not want to use automatic response messages, you can use LINE@’s 1:1 talk feature, which allows you to have a conversation with users.

The next setting is “Greetings when adding friends”. This is a message sent at the same time a user registers a LINE@ account . First of all, introduce yourself to the store or brand, and if possible, set up a registration commemorative coupon and present. You can encourage customers to register by offering benefits such as coupons.

Once this is done, the initial setup is complete.


By completing the initial settings for LINE@, it will be easier for users to find your account and encourage them to register.


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