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[A must-see for freelancers with children] Introducing the latest childcare service!

If you have a child and become a freelancer, it is likely to be a problem “where to see your child”. It’s great if you can work from home, but not all freelancers can work from home, and sometimes you have to let it go.

It is necessary to use some kind of childcare service, and the content varies. This time, we will introduce the latest childcare services that freelancers with children can use.

The situation where freelancers with children are placed

First, let’s understand what kind of situation freelancers with children are likely to be placed in.

Where to deposit can be an issue

In many cases, freelancers with children have a problem with depositing. It is difficult for us to take care of our children while working on our own, so we have to rely on the outside. You have to choose from a variety of childcare services.

Some of them stop working as a freelancer or give up when their children’s entrustment becomes an issue. It’s not ideal if you take the plunge and become a freelancer only to be frustrated by your surroundings.

In other words, many people can work as freelancers as long as they can find a place to deposit their money. Please consider how to work while leaving your child concerning the childcare services that will be explained later.

About 1 month’s leave

Many freelancers take a leave of absence when their child is born, but the leave period is only about one month. Taking a mid-to-long-term break makes it difficult to get projects, so many people take a break only for the minimum necessary period, such as preparation.

Considering the market price for such a period, the choice of childcare service must be considered before taking a leave of absence. This is because if you are considering childcare services after your child is born, you may end up taking longer leave. If you can’t find a childcare service, your leave of absence will get longer and longer.

In addition, if it is not the timing immediately after birth, it is a good idea to search for services systematically. All you have to do is look for childcare services and apply while you still have time to spare.

The latest childcare services available to freelancers

Next, we will introduce specific childcare services that freelancers can apply for.

Nursery school (nursery school)

A nursery school is a facility that takes care of children from 0 years old to pre-school in case of work or sickness of parents. Nursery schools that meet the standards set by the government and are licensed are called “licensed nursery schools”, and those that do not are called unlicensed nursery schools.

Nursery schools often offer extended care. Extended childcare is a service that provides childcare beyond the standard contracted hours. If you are a freelancer who visits clients, etc., extended childcare will be very convenient. An additional fee is required for additional childcare, but it is prepared just in case of a place to leave your child in case of an emergency.

However, the number of nursery schools varies greatly depending on the area, and you may end up on a waiting list. Since the order of priority for entering kindergarten is determined for each area, it may be difficult to enter kindergarten smoothly.


Depending on the age, there is also the option of leaving the child in kindergarten. Based on the School Education Law, kindergartens can only be used by children from the age of 3 to preschool, so they cannot completely replace nursery schools.

Since kindergartens are based on the School Education Act, kindergartens are centered on education. There are 4 hours of education a day, Saturdays and Sundays are off, and there are spring break and summer vacation. It would be nice to have an image of an elementary school with short class hours.

When a freelancer chooses a kindergarten as a place to leave their child, they should be conscious that the education is centered on 4 hours a day. Since freelancers are considered to work for about 8 hours, kindergarten education alone will not be enough time to care for children. It is necessary to pick up and drop off during work, and as a result, there is a possibility that the burden will increase.

Some kindergartens provide services such as taking care of children even after school hours are over or on holidays. However, many kindergartens offer only standard education, and it is not always possible to completely let go of the work.

Authorized nursery school

Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care refer to facilities such as kindergartens and nursery schools that have the function of providing child-rearing support. There are requirements to be certified by the prefectural governor, so it is slightly different from general kindergartens and nursery schools.

There are differences in facilities and services provided, and there are also differences in childcare fees. Certified childcare centers are certified by prefectural governors, and childcare fees are determined according to the parent’s income. The amount is set for each municipality, and it is characterized by being relatively inexpensive.

There are nursery school-based and kindergarten-based centers for early childhood education and care. Please note that there are differences in the services provided depending on which type you are. As mentioned above, there is a difference between childcare and education.

Regional childcare

As a facility that has received approval from the municipality, there is something called community-type childcare. It is a small facility with a capacity of 6 to 19 people and can be used by children from 0 to 3 years old.

As you can understand from the above restrictions, we can provide detailed childcare because the number of students is small. There are many cases where nursery schools and kindergartens have a large number of people, but community-based childcare does not have such a situation because there is an upper limit. It is a system that allows you to leave your child with peace of mind.

In addition, there is also what is called home-like childcare, in which children are sent to their homes to provide childcare for a small number of children. There is something similar to a babysitter, but it is also possible to have friends and others watch it together.

Childcare room in the office

In recent years, there have been cases in which various companies have set up daycare centers within their offices. Some companies can use not only employees but also related employees, and there are also cases where freelancers can use it.

If it is a daycare center within a company, you can go to the client’s office together and take care of the child until the work is overIt is also possible to inquire about the child’s situation as necessary, and it is a childcare service that gives a sense of securityWe have created an environment that makes it easy to apply for extended childcare.

The challenge is that not all clients have daycare centers. Recently, the number of companies that have installed them has increased, but it is still not the case for all companies. The biggest challenge is whether there is a daycare center in Pinpoint.


It is a service that provides childcare at home. It is possible to work as a babysitter without a license, although some of them are babysitters. Therefore, it seems that there are cases where non-professionals are active as babysitters.

The biggest advantage of a babysitter is that you can take care of your baby on a one-on-one basis. If you have multiple children at home, you will have to see each one, but if not, you can request one-on-one support. Nursery schools and kindergartens cannot provide one-on-one support, so you can rest assured that your child will be looked after carefully.

As a concern, leaving childcare to a babysitter may stop listening to what parents say. If you leave a young child in the care of a babysitter, she may not recognize her parents as guardians. There is an aspect that you can take care of them with peace of mind, but it is better to consider the point that “a person other than a guardian will always be by your side at an important time. ”

Private childcare facility

Private childcare facilities, which exist in large numbers, are also an option. Private facilities here refer to childcare facilities set up for profit by baby hotels and companies.

Such establishments are not bound by strict laws, so they can offer a wide variety of services. For example, there are facilities that not only provide childcare but also teach English conversation. Also, to focus on exercise, there are cases where the facility is large or equipped with exercise equipment.

While private childcare facilities are free, there are many competitors, and differentiation is required. Against this background, there are many unique facilities, and we can expect “+ α” childcare.

Of course, there are private childcare facilities that specialize in general childcare that are highly reliable. There are various facilities to suit your needs, so it would be a good idea to check once what kind of facilities are available.

Points for freelancers to choose childcare servicesAs you can see, there are many types of childcare services. I will explain the points when choosing from among these.

Whether or not you will be on the waiting list for children

If you are thinking of using a nursery school, check to see if your child is on the waiting list. If the conditions for entering a nursery school are not met, the child cannot be entrusted.

In particular, when using a licensed nursery school, admission is determined by the rules set by the municipality. Those whose guardians are busy and who are judged to have no choice but to enroll their child in a nursery school are allowed to enter.

The evaluation method differs depending on the municipality, but it is common to score the work content and work styleThe higher the score, the more busy the child will be, and the easier it will be to admit him or her to nursery school.

One thing to keep in mind at this point is that freelancers tend to get low evaluation scores. Office workers tend to score higher than freelancers, and it is easy to judge that they are busy. Freelancers get a lower score because they can work from home.

Even though you are busy and considering a nursery school, there is a possibility that your child will be on a waiting list due to the political system. If you are thinking about using a nursery school, keep in mind the possibility that your child will be on the waiting list.

Which nursery school or kindergarten

If you want to leave your child somewhere, think about whether nursery school or kindergarten is better. Nursery schools focus on childcare, and kindergartens focus on education. It will change how your child spends his or her time, which will have a big impact on things like education plans.

If you want to leave your child in a nursery school from the beginning, there are various options for freelancing. Even if you cannot enter a licensed nursery school, you can leave your child at a private facility.

On the other hand, if you want to leave your child in a kindergarten, you have to find a kindergarten that suits your working style. For example, if you tend to be late for work, you need to enroll your child in a kindergarten that supports extensions.

The choice of nursery school or kindergarten is very important. If you make a mistake in choosing here, it will have a big impact on your child’s education, so you must carefully consider it as a parent.

Can I pay for childcare costs?

If you use a private service, you may be able to have your child looked after. Although it is said that there are few nursery schools, the actual number of children that can be accepted at childcare facilities in the world is larger than the total number of children.

However, if you use a private childcare service, you will need a certain amount of money. You also need to consider whether you can afford it.

For example, when you become a freelancer, you may not have enough money. In such a situation, it would be preferable to use a licensed nursery school or a certified child care center, which minimizes the payment costs. Since these are covered by the law, the basic parts can be used free of charge.

On the other hand, if you can afford it, choose a childcare service that suits your working style. The most dangerous situation is that the childcare service ends before work is finished, and a service that can avoid that situation is the best.


I explained about childcare services that freelancers can use. Some are provided by public institutions and some by private companies. Especially since there is a difference in terms of cost, let’s think about which one is suitable.

In recent years, the number of private childcare services and daycare centers within companies has also increased. If you can use something like this, you can receive a service that suits your way of working by choosing this.

Except for certified nursery schools and certified children’s centers, there is a tendency that the price and the quality of service to be proportional. How much money you can spend on your child is up to you, but if you anticipate a certain amount of budget, you can leave your child with peace of mind.


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