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Using AI to automatically structure and classify a site's content significantly improves search engine rankings. But above all it gives a solid basis for the...


Mechanism and reasons to be expected from three advantages of blockchain!

2017 is said to be the first year of virtual currency, and virtual currency, which was not well known until then, became widely known...

Three disadvantages of blockchain are problems to be solved in the future!

Various advanced technologies are involved in the background of virtual currency, which has shown rapid spread in recent years. The technology blockchain, which can be...

Internet of Things

Information Technology

How to open and set up a verified LINE@ account

Did you know that LINE@ has an account called **Verified account*, which is different from a general account ? What is a verified account ? After applying in the local business/EC or media category,...

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Artificial Intellengence

Data Science

What is a BI tool? From what you can do to examples of use!

With the ability to collect a wide variety of data these days, companies are accumulating enormous amounts of data. To make use of this data...

What is big data?

Digital Transformation

What is DX?

Recently, we often hear the term “digital transformation (DX)”. Many companies have DX promotion as part of their medium- to long-term plans, so it is...

What is the sharing economy? Advantages, disadvantages and classification!

We will explain the overview and the background of the focus on the "sharing economy", which has been rapidly expanding in recent years. In addition,...

What is a diversification strategy?

  In recent years, an increasing number of companies have turned to diversify their management. To promote a diversification strategy, it is necessary to understand...

Skills and points to keep in mind when developing a new business in 2022!

Companies are facing major changes due to intensifying competition and diversifying needs. To survive in such an era, companies will always need to think...

What is an Agile Organization? Explanation of organizational theory in the 2022 DX era!

As social conditions and customer needs become more complex, and the need for DX is called out, companies are required to build organizational systems...

Web Analytics

On October 14, 2020 , ``Google Analytics 4'' was introduced on the GMP official blog in the form of Introducing the new Google Analytics . "Google Analytics...

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