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What are your tips for programming? First of all, let’s know the 3 reasons!

Do you have any programming tips? If you are studying but you are not doing well or you cannot understand well, you may be wondering why you are not improving. In this article, I would like to introduce three reasons why you are not improving, and some tips for improving your programming skills.

3 Reasons You Don’t Get Better at Programming

Why is it that despite working hard to learn to program and use a computer every day, it is not easy to improve? Here are three reasons why programming isn’t getting better.

The goal is to learn to program

One is that “learning programming” has become the purpose, and the leeway to enjoy programming and find programming interesting has been lost.

It’s a pattern in which people focus only on learning programming, and end up putting “what they want to do with programming” on the shelf, unable to understand the fun of programming, and stagnate.

Programming does not improve just by “learning” programming only with texts and theories. Practicing, overcoming failures, and discovering the fun through trial and error leads to improvement.

I’m trying hard to understand

It’s similar to “the purpose is to learn to program”, but it’s a pattern where you just focus on understanding and you can’t move forward from there because your understanding doesn’t progress. Programming is something that you can learn and understand the system by actually trying various things and repeating failures and successes.

If you just read textbooks and blogs of professional engineers and try desperately to understand them without actually trying them, it will be difficult to improve your skills.

Not sure what to do after learning

Programming has entered an era where even elementary school students learn. For this reason, some people start with the feeling that “I should study more”, but “somehow” will not improve.

Motivation doesn’t last long if people don’t have a clear purpose. For example, if you have a strong will to “become an engineer at a first-class company” or “become an engineer and eventually become independent”, you will be able to devote yourself to learning.

However, if someone says, “For some reason, it seems like everyone is doing it and it’s popular,” it won’t last long. And programming is also a task that requires a lot of effort and long hours of concentration. The lofty goals set after memorizing them push the back of such steady work.

Tips for improving programming 1: Understanding and getting used to

There are two major ways to improve your programming skills. What does each mean? First of all, I will introduce the trick of ” understanding and getting used to”.

Every time you cross a wall, your understanding deepens!

When learning to program, you will hit a lot of walls by practicing. There are times when you don’t understand it and you don’t like it, but once you get over it, you will be surprised at how much you understand. From the second time, you will be able to overcome it easily, and when you face a more difficult wall, your knowledge of how to overcome it will increase.

Walls don’t get in the way of learning to program. It is an indispensable hurdle that deepens understanding and nurtures aspirations to aim higher.

Get used to coding by moving your hands every day

As your understanding progresses and the number of things you can do with programming increases, it becomes more interesting. When it gets interesting, I get into the habit of touching the computer every day. This ” moving your hands every day ” is important. Those who have not been able to do blind touch before will be able to do it by repeating it, and those who are already able to do it will be able to do it faster.

By getting used to “coding”, which is different from the work of typing ordinary Japanese, work efficiency will increase and fun will increase.

Try to write down what you don’t understand, not in your head

When you come across something you don’t understand and you get stuck, try writing it down in bullet points instead of going round and round in your head. Programming requires ” programming thinking “. The ability to think logically and efficiently, including the ability to organize one’s thoughts well.

By writing out your thoughts on paper and organizing them, you may find the cause of your stumbling. Along with programming, cultivate programming thinking.

When asked to teach, don’t ask someone whose level is too high

If you want someone who knows a lot about programming to teach you, it’s important not to ask someone who is too advanced, but to ask someone who understands the feelings and understanding of beginners well. People who are too advanced sometimes don’t understand where beginners stumble and why they don’t know.

Also, the story can be derailed, and it can be confusing, such as teaching you the knowledge you shouldn’t know right now. If you want to have someone teach you, it would be a good idea to ask someone who has experience teaching beginners, someone who is a little ahead of you, or someone who is at a good level.

Tips for improving programming 2: Utilizing school

The second trick to improve programming is to use programming schools where professionals can teach you.

Learn at a school that matches your level

Programming schools are growing at an amazing speed now. More and more people are learning to program. It may be difficult to choose from among many schools, but it is best to choose the one that suits your level.

If you are new to programming, a school where you can learn from the beginner class is a good idea. Also, if you are studying but can’t improve because you stumbled, you can overcome the wall smoothly by learning again from the beginning.

Also, depending on the type of programming language, you may stumble. Once you stumble and get stuck in a language, stop and try again with another language that is easy to learn, understand, and code.

Resolve issues quickly online

If you have a school where you can check online, even if you stumble while programming alone at home, you can quickly solve the problem. If you go to school only once a week, the point of the problem will be ambiguous before you can ask the next question. We recommend a school where you can quickly solve the problem online while you are hot in yourself.

Benefits of having a purpose

Having a purpose is very important for learning. Everyone studies hard for a “regular test” or “examination”, but there are few people who can study hard even when it’s nothing. Programming is no different. Having a clear goal will help you learn.

Be able to study with the purpose

Set a clear goal, such as “I want to be an engineer who works as a specialist in a certain programming language,” or “I want to be an independent freelance engineer, using multiple programming languages.”

By setting a clear goal, you will know what you should study, what skills you should acquire, and what kind of practical experience you should have. It becomes clear what you need to study.

What is unclear becomes clear

Also, by clarifying the purpose, you will find out what you have to study. If you continue your studies in this way, the origins of things you don’t understand and things you’re stumbling over will become clear. When you can’t get out of something you don’t understand, there are many cases where you don’t understand what you don’t understand. Sometimes problems can be solved just by being able to see what you don’t understand.

You can make effective use of your time

Having a clear purpose makes it clear what needs to be done. This allows you to work more efficiently and use your time more effectively. If you want to master programming for a job or change jobs, the sooner you do it, the better. Being able to use your time effectively is a great weapon.

[Summary] Grab the tips to improve programming and grab your dreams!

The trick to improving your programming skills is to clarify what you want to do, clarify your level, and find a learning place that suits you. After all, if you have a purpose, you can aim high and do your best. Let’s grasp the tricks of improvement and grasp the dream of becoming an engineer/programmer.


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