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4 Ways to Quickly Acquire Practical Programming Skills!

Even if you study programming and understand it in your head, if you don’t practice it every day, you will lose your skills. It’s a waste of time to study and master. Here are four ways to quickly acquire practical programming skills. Let’s try to connect the knowledge you learned to your profession.

If you want to make money with programming, you need practical skills

Practical skills are a must if you want to make money programming. It is not OK just because you learned programming at school and finished the curriculum. You need the skills to do full-fledged programming.

IT-related companies around the world need human resources

Today, IT-related companies around the world need human resources with programming skills, such as programmers and engineers. Of course, even in Japan, there are constant job offers, and it is said that there is always a labor shortage. Therefore, if you acquire practical skills, you can say that it is a great job hunting opportunity.

High demand for ready-to-use programmers

In particular, there is a high demand for programmers who can play an active role immediately after getting a job, and many companies are looking for human resources. Nowadays, many web applications are being developed by making full use of various programming languages.

Therefore, people who have already mastered programming and have practical skills have a chance to get a job with better treatment.

Freedom to work independently wherever you like

Working as a programmer or engineer at a company for a certain period will give you practical skills as a professional. A professional’s hands-on ability is different from that of an amateur programmer. There are many amateurs with very high programming skills, but programming skills alone are not enough to get a job.

By working at a company, you will learn things that seem unrelated to programming, such as how to communicate with superiors, business etiquette, creating things as a team, and sales skills.

But those “skills that seem unrelated to programming” are important. This skill, which can only be acquired by actually working at a company, will be necessary when you eventually start your own business and become a freelancer.

No matter how talented you are in programming, you can’t get a job if you don’t have any sales skills. Also, if you don’t have a certain amount of business manners, you may not be able to get a partner. If you start your own business and become a freelancer, you can work from home or wherever you like. Also, depending on your skills, it is not a dream to aim for a good programmer who can earn more and more.

4 Ways to Acquire Practical Programming Skills

Let’s take a look at each of the four ways to acquire practical programming skills. It is useful knowledge for those who are going to study from now on.

TakePractical Programming Skills

For those who have only studied programming on their own, or those who are planning to study from now on, use programming schools to learn from the basics.

At the programming school, you can quickly learn technical terms in the industry that you would not be able to understand by self-study. Also, people with zero knowledge can learn without frustration by starting from a class for beginners.

Code a little bit every day

Once you’ve mastered programming, it’s not the end. Programming can maintain its ability by continuing coding. On the other hand, if you leave it alone just because you have become able to do it, you will soon forget the skills such as coding that you have learned and will not be able to do it.

To do a little bit of coding every day, it is also recommended to use a cloud service that matches clients and undertakes simple programming work.

Decide goals and goals for learning

Even if you just aimlessly start studying with the awareness that “I should study programming” or “Is it even a little useful for job hunting?” To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you learn by setting goals and goals as much as possible. For example, a goal such as “getting a job as a programmer at XX company”.

For those who have already mastered programming and want to aim higher, it would be good to have a goal of “getting a job as a programmer or engineer for the time being, and then becoming independent as a freelancer.”

Study using the website

After entering university, people who are interested in programming in a completely different direction from their major, or who want to use their programming skills to change jobs, cannot easily attend school. In such a case, you can also use the website to study. Currently, there are programming schools that are completed only with a website.

Some programming schools even have a website where you can ask the instructor questions via chat. It is also very efficient and recommended for those who already have programming skills and want to master a new programming language.

3 Popular Schools to Improve Your Programming Skills

We will introduce three schools that are gaining popularity for improving their programming skills. It is also recommended for those who want to get a job in programming in the future.


CodeCamp is an online school that boasts the number one number of students in online programming lessons. There is also a sense of security with a customer satisfaction rate of 94.6%. Ideal for office workers and college students, as well as for moms who are on childcare leave to improve their skills.

Tech Academy

TechAcademy is an online school where you can learn in a short-term intensive program using an online boot camp. Professional mentors (lecturers) who are currently working will support your learning. There is also job change support that is nice for job change groups.


TECH::CAMP is a school with the slogan “Programming school that changes your life”. Satisfaction rate 98%, you can learn even from inexperienced. There are student discount campaigns and free trials, so it is recommended to try and learn. There are also courses for those who want to change jobs, have a side job, or start a business as a freelancer.

3 sites where you can acquire practical programming skills

There are also sites where you can acquire practical programming skills. Here are some sites that many people use.

Dot install

Dot Install is a programming learning service where you can “learn by watching” programming with 3-minute videos. If you register for free, you can divide various lessons into several times and learn with videos. The videos are easy to understand and you can watch them again and again. Of course, it is recommended for beginners.


Progate is also a site where you can register as a free member and learn programming. Already used in over 100 countries. Over 800,000 users have played and learned over 2 million times. You can learn from beginners, so it is also recommended for those who are afraid of setbacks.

Paiza learning


paiza learning is a site where you can learn programming efficiently with 3-minute videos and exercises. The curriculum is based on skill tests that many people take, so you can study without waste. Also, you don’t need to build an environment, and you can start studying immediately.

[Summary] Practical programming skills improve dramatically depending on how you do it

Practical programming skills improve dramatically depending on how you study, how you spend your days, and what you do after you learn. However, if you choose the wrong method, you may get frustrated in your studies or forget the skills you have learned. Consider how you do it and continue to hone it as a skill that you can use in the future.


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