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What is cloud service? Let’s understand the basics and use it for your own use!

In today’s daily life and corporate activities, the word “cloud” is almost unheard of. The time has come when many services can be used in the cloud (via network). We also offer a wide range of services for consumer and business purposes. Then, how should we use cloud services properly?

Table of contents

  • Differences between public and private clouds
  • Public cloud usage purposes and examples
  • Expectations for cloud services
  • Summary

Differences between public and private clouds

The cloud (cloud computing) refers to a system in which functions such as storage, networks, and servers can be used via a network regardless of location, time, or type of terminal. In addition, the use of the cloud allows multiple people to share information and has the advantage of reducing costs compared to preparing the necessary equipment and systems individually.

When companies use these clouds, they have to choose between a public cloud and a private cloud. Let’s check the difference.

Public cloud

The public cloud can be used by anyone (company or individual) who wants to use it anytime, anywhere, regardless of time or place, as long as it is an environment that can connect to the Internet.

Individuals and companies that use cloud services can use cloud services without owning their servers or storage.

Major companies providing public cloud services include Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

  • Services provided: Storage functions and various software for storing large amounts of data are available from the public cloud. For example, if you contract with a manufacturer that provides a cloud version of accounting software, you can use that accounting software instead of preparing your accounting software. In addition, various software such as creative software and office software are provided in the cloud.
  • Advantages: The advantage of using the public cloud is the ease of use. Since it is shared with many users, the cost can be considerably reduced compared to arranging it yourself. Another advantage is that it takes a short time from the contract to the start of use. In addition, system management and maintenance are handled by the company that provides the cloud service, so there is no burden.
  • Disadvantages: Since it is not a system prepared independently by individuals or companies, it has the advantage of being easy and less burdensome, but in the event of a failure or malfunction, there are many parts that the user cannot control. It can be said that it is a disadvantage that there is no choice but to wait for the response of

Private cloud

A private cloud refers to a service provided only for a specific company to use. Since it is not provided to an unspecified number of users, companies can build systems that are easy to use.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages: The biggest advantage is that it is highly versatile because it is a system that specializes in the usability of the company that uses it. In addition, while public clouds are characterized by sharing resources with parties other than the company, private clouds occupy resources, so strong security measures can be taken in terms of security.
    On the other hand, the major disadvantage is that it generally costs more.
  • Storing and analyzing the large amount of data accumulated during corporate activities and utilizing it for marketing is an important action for business development. Cloud services are used to stably manage these.

    • Both individuals and companies use cloud services to use business systems, information systems, and convenient applications. Specifically, it means using servers, network systems, software, databases, and so on.

      • Example: Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd., which introduced “White Cloud ASPIRE” provided by Softbank, originally operated the system on-premises, but due to cost considerations, etc., the server infrastructure was changed to the cloud service “White Cloud ASPIRE”. ”. As a result, it is no longer necessary to update the equipment during its life cycle, and stable system operation is now possible. Example: Torishima Seisakusho Co., Ltd., which uses “G Suite (currently Google Workspace)” provided by Google, is using G Suite (currently Google Workspace), which has data centers around the world, to speed up access from overseas offices. In addition, we have built a highly functional document management application linked to Google Drive.

        Public cloud usage purposes and examples

        If you consider the ease of introduction, including the cost aspect, you will probably consider using the public cloud first. Let’s take a look at each case study to see what the public cloud is used for.

        Shared IT infrastructure

      Data management and storage and development

    Expectations for cloud services

    Various companies are beginning to actively use cloud services, but let’s take a look at some of the areas in which cloud services can be expected to be used in the future.

    Utilization in local governments

    An increasing number of local governments are introducing cloud services to improve efficiency in places where operations used to take time and manpower. For example, Adachi Ward and Toshima Ward in Tokyo have put it into practical use, and the government is actively promoting the introduction of local government clouds. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Efforts to Promote the Introduction of Local Government Clouds” announced in June 2018, in the declaration to create the world’s most advanced digital nation, the promotion of cloud introduction by local governments was presented, and the Basic Resident Register / Tax・By managing and operating welfare and other information systems and data at an external data center and sharing them with multiple local governments, we aim to improve convenience for residents and further improve operational efficiency. increase.

    Medical field

    If we can build an environment in which we can share information such as weight management, diet management, and exercise management as a database after thoroughly considering how to manage personal information, we can support the health maintenance of each individual while utilizing that information at appropriate medical institutions.

    Insurance field

    According to the “Strategic Use of the Cloud” announced by the Bank of Japan, the use of cloud services in core business systems is higher in the life insurance, non-life insurance, securities, and credit industries than in banks.

    Since all companies handle customer information, security considerations must be carefully considered, so it is often thought that cloud services are difficult to use. However, by utilizing cloud services that can manage and analyze large amounts of data, it is thought that the possibility of developing products that better match needs and reduce costs will increase.


    It is no exaggeration to say that business activities would not be possible without cloud services, and the number of companies using cloud services is increasing. On the other hand, security is a major issue, and how to protect confidential information and ensure that it can be used with peace of mind is also important.

    Even under such circumstances, the use of cloud services is unavoidable if business efficiency is considered.
    In other words, taking security measures will open up more possibilities in the future.
    Let’s start by consulting with a company that has specialized knowledge and a proven track record.


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