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What skills do front-end engineers need? Introducing 4 languages ​​that need to be acquired!

If you want to become a front engineer, there are basic skills and programming languages ​​that you should know. If you don’t have the basics, it’s difficult to be active as a front engineer for a long period. The skills required for front engineers include not only programming languages ​​but also various skills. I will introduce the necessary knowledge and skills to work as a front engineer.

These are the skills a front-end engineer needs!

The IT industry is an industry where new technologies come out very quickly. I will introduce the necessary skills to be active as a front engineer.

Minimum markup language required for website production

Front engineers are required to have HTML and CSS as the basic knowledge necessary for website creation. When aiming to become a front-end engineer, this is the first skill you want to acquire. HTML is a language for describing website elements and structures. Depending on the website for personal computers and the website for smartphones, the design is different, but the basic part is the same.

CSS decorates the parts related to the appearance of the website, such as font size and color. It is also important to design according to the target of the website and the view of the world. To become a front engineer, the first step is to acquire HTML and CSS skills.

A programming language that brings your website to life

There is a demand for front-end engineers who can change the display according to user operations and create websites with high usability. We use JavaScript to make the website work.

Many websites use JavaScript, even if you are not usually aware of it. You can quickly understand the mechanism and skills by looking at the source code of famous web services and websites and creating them yourself.

Accurate coding technique

Programming knowledge and skills are important for front engineers, but they also need to be able to code without mistakes. To write code with few modifications, getting used to it is necessary.

To become a front engineer, there are methods such as self-study using reference books and studying at a programming school. You can acquire skills by continuing to study in a study method that suits you.

Ability to develop from the user’s point of view

Thinking about the actual users is a necessary skill not only for front-end engineers but for anyone who develops a website. A front engineer thinks about what kind of people will use the product and thinks about what the user can use without stress.

Relationship between front-end engineer skills and annual income

Considering working as a front engineer, it is a point to worry about how much annual income will be. Depending on the language and skills that can be handled, there will be a difference in the annual income of the front engineer.

Skills and experience are required to earn more than the average annual income

The average annual income of a front engineer is about 3.85 million yen. If you have a variety of skills, you can also get above average annual income.

To continue working as a front engineer for a long time, it is necessary to have the flexibility and the ability to apply new technologies. It takes effort, but a front-end engineer can earn more than the average annual salary.

Depending on your skills, 10 million yen is not a dream

Some front engineers earn more than 10 million yen a year. If you acquire skills other than programming, your annual income will increase. As a front engineer, you can earn a high income if you don’t mind studying to acquire the required skills.

If you can freely manipulate CMS, your annual income will increase!

CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. A CMS makes it easy to build, manage, and update website content.

Since it is possible to reduce the cost of website development and updating, there are an increasing number of cases where companies are introducing CMS. If you can master the functions and operations of CMS, you will be able to expand your range of work as a front engineer and increase your annual income.

4 Basic Languages ​​Every Frontend Engineer Should Learn

There are several languages ​​that aspiring front-end engineers should master. I will introduce what languages ​​are necessary for front engineers.

Basic HTML is basic

Knowledge of HTML is essential for website development. HTML is the framework that makes up a website and is an essential skill for any project. Currently, you can study in various ways such as through reference books and correspondence learning. You can learn quickly by displaying the source code in a web browser and reading it yourself, or by actually creating a website.

CSS required to decorate articles and sites

CSS is used to decorate websites created with HTML. Decide on the layout and color, and specify the size of the characters. Specifying with CSS has the advantage that you can easily change the design.

Colors, sizes, etc. are things that make a big impression on the user. To decorate according to the concept of the website, you will also need to learn CSS.

JavaScript to make your site work

JavaScript is often used to add dynamic elements to websites. It is used to improve user convenience, such as checking entered characters and moving according to operations.

If you have a web browser and a text editor, you can use them in any environment, so you can easily prepare the development environment. The advantage of JavaScript is that even beginners can easily develop and check the operation in other languages.

People who can also PHP are in high demand

JavaScript runs on web browsers, while PHP is a programming language that runs on servers. You can also register to the database and call data with PHP. PHP is a necessary skill to enhance the functionality of the website. Once you have mastered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it is recommended that you move on to learning PHP as a step up.

PHP is used in many sites, so if you want to increase the number of projects you receive as a front engineer, you can increase your options by learning it.

Future demand for front-end engineers

Front engineers will be relieved if they know what kind of position they will be in the IT industry in the future and how the demand in the industry will increase. We will introduce the demand for front engineers and what kind of skills front engineers are looking for.

Demand is high as the number of individuals with websites increases

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for not only companies but also individuals to set up websites. Not everyone knows to create a website, so some people ask us to develop a website for them. To fulfill the wishes of those who want to have a personal site, front engineer skills may be required.

There is a demand because the construction and update work of corporate sites will increase

In recent years, it has become common for many companies to disseminate information on their websites. Although SNS has developed, it is difficult to convey a lot of information in places with character limits.

Websites can deliver information to users by combining not only text and images but also videos and sounds. To create a website that matches the image of the company, it is also important for the front engineer to have a user’s point of view. To make the information more attractive, it will be a place where front engineers can show their skills.

The website will need to be updated as new information is added. In some cases, the front engineer is contracted for the update work. As long as a company has a website, it can be said that the front engineer has a job.

Always have the latest designs and updates so you never run out of work

These days, websites with flat designs and simple, user-friendly designs are popular. Just as technology in the IT industry advances quickly, trendy designs change one after another. Front engineers need not only to acquire new skills but also to keep an eye on what kind of designs are in fashion.

[Summary] Front-end engineers should always aim for higher skills!

Front engineers need to acquire not only basic skills but also more advanced skills to be active for a long time. It’s important to study materials for beginners and then test your skills by actually creating a website yourself.

Demand will increase if you have not only programming skills but also knowledge of UI/UX design and knowledge of CMS. It is recommended that you acquire not only basic knowledge but also various knowledge and skills, as the number of job options will increase.


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