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What you need to know to teach yourself teach yourself Web Design?

In an age when various websites will continue to be created, there are probably many people who want to acquire web design skills and use them in their work.

First of all, for those who want to start self-study in their spare time, I have summarized what you need to do to self-study web design.

Is it possible to learn web design on your own?

Is it possible to learn web design on your own? The answer is “yes”. Self-study is possible if you are willing. This article also lists the advantages and disadvantages of self-study, so please refer to it.

Web design self-study and program content

Even if I say I’m going to teach myself web design, I’ve listed the contents of the program, specifically what I should study.

HTML is the basic of basics!

HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language, a language that creates the appearance (structure) of web pages.

Determine overall layout with CSS

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets and is a language that specifies the style of web pages. CSS is used in combination with HTML.

You can create dynamic websites with JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language that gives movement to web pages. Although the name is similar to Java, which is also a programming language, it is a completely different language.

You can create a more active site with PHP

PHP is a scripting language commonly used in web development. Like JavaScript, you can create dynamic web pages, but the difference is that JavaScript runs on the client (the browser the user is viewing), whereas PHP runs on the server and the client is that it only accepts its result.

How much does self-taught web design cost?

To teach yourself web design, you’ll need the following supplies: Please help me calculate the cost.

A computer is essential for web design

First of all, you need a computer. We use text editors and programming tools on our computers to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Check responsiveness on smartphones and tablets

Of course, you can check on the computer where you coded whether the created page is displayed properly. However, in recent years, websites can be viewed not only on computers but also on smartphones and tablets. It’s a pity that even if the screen looks fine when viewed on a computer, it looks distorted when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. It is safe to have a smartphone or tablet to check the responsiveness.

Image processing software

Image processing software is useful. Use it when you want to process photos, create your icons and images, and place them on your site. Photoshop and illustrator have commonly used image processing software. There are products and price plans that meet your needs, so please check them out.

Books you need to learn web design

The basic style of self-study is to learn while coding on a computer according to the text. Even if you study on a learning site on the web, it is useful to have a textbook or reference book that summarizes the learning content.

Benefits of self-taught web design

There are three benefits to self-taught web design:

you can study in your free time

If you go to a programming school or a culture school, when you miss a class, you have to make up for it yourself. If you go to the next class without supplementary lessons, it will cause you to give up because you cannot keep up. Self-study allows you to freely devote your free time to studying without worrying about time. The advantage of self-study is that there are no restrictions on study time.

You can keep costs to a minimum

Let’s compare it with the cost of going to a programming school or a culture school. School fees include enrollment fees, tuition fees, and textbook fees. If you are self-studying, you only need to pay for textbooks, so the advantage is that you can keep costs down.

Possess problem-solving skills

It also has the added benefit of developing problem-solving skills. Self-study doesn’t have a teacher, so you can’t ask questions and learn what you don’t understand or have doubts about. However, if you take advantage of it, you can also say that you can acquire the ability to solve things on your own without stumbling over unclear points or questions.

Disadvantages of Self-Taught Web Design

On the other hand, self-study also has its disadvantages.

It’s tough if you don’t stay motivated

If you leave unclear points and questions unresolved, you will lose motivation and give up learning. The disadvantage of self-study is that it is difficult to maintain motivation. There is no external stimulus because there are no peers or teachers.

It’s hard to solve the things you don’t understand

I mentioned that you can acquire problem-solving skills as a merit, but I think that there will be some things that you can’t solve unless you ask someone who understands. At such times, the disadvantage is that there is no one nearby who can ask questions.

It takes time to learn because it is not bound by time

Even if you say that you study in your spare time, you may not have time to study due to the schedule of the day. If this continues, the disadvantage is that it takes time to learn, such as going back and re-studying, and the learning speed is slow.

Let’s consider learning on the learning site!

It is difficult to maintain motivation when studying alone, and it is easy to get frustrated. Consider learning on a learning site while communicating with other self-study web design peers. Here are 5 recommended study sites.

Tech academy

Tech Academy is an online school where you can learn programming and application development. An active engineer who is active in the front line will support you as a mentor. There are also briefing sessions where you can watch videos of mentor support, how to proceed with learning, and actual lessons, as well as free trials. There is also a Tech Academy Junior for middle and high school students.

Tech Academy Junior


Tech Camp is a technology training school where you can learn the latest technology such as programming. You can receive support from a mentor who is a professional in education. Basically, you will go to a classroom and take it, but if there is no classroom nearby, you can also take it online.

Samurai engineer

Samurai Engineer School is a programming school where you can receive one-on-one instruction from a dedicated instructor. The course is taken online, but depending on the instructor, you can also take the course in a face-to-face format if requested.

Web Camp

WEBCAM is a programming school where you can receive learning with one-on-one support. The basic style of learning is to go to the classroom at your leisure and ask questions to the resident mentors, and you can also receive one-on-one guidance through the buddy system. There is also a WEBCAM WOMAN exclusively for housewives and mothers.

For those who can’t go to the classroom, there is a web design course on WEBCAM ONLINE, so please check it out.


Web Camp PRO

WEBCAMP PRO is a programming school operated by the same company as WEBCAM. The difference from WEBCAM is that WEBCAM PRO comes with a job change/employment guarantee. Mainly a 6-month program with 3 months of practical curriculum and 3 months of career support. Although it is not a learning site, it is recommended for those who want to secure a job using the skills they have acquired.

All of the learning sites introduced this time have teachers who can ask questions, so you won’t stumble on “solving questions,” which is the most uneasy part of self-study. We also offer free trials and briefing sessions, so please try it out. If you want to learn web design by yourself, why don’t you try learning by open self-study instead of lonely self-study?


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