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Test your programing skills! 5 Recommended Skill Check Sites!

You’ve mastered programming, but don’t you ever feel a little uneasy about how much you can use it? This is especially important for those who are aiming to use programming as a tool for job hunting or changing jobs, or for those who are already working as programmers or engineers and are aiming to become independent.

Here are some recommended check sites where you can measure your programming skills. You should also have basic knowledge about checking programming skills.

What is a programming skill check?

What is the programming skill check and how is it checked in the first place? And what kind of scene will it be used in?

What are programming skills?

Programming is making programs. Being able to write programs accurately and quickly using more technology is a basic skill.

Also, as you progress in your ability, you will be required to create more efficient logic by yourself and to create algorithms using advanced technology, rather than just waiting for instructions and programming.

At an even higher level, you will be able to create high-level algorithms with an awareness of the computational complexity and lightness of memory. If you become a very high-level programmer, you will be able to develop and operate web applications such as search engines, data analysis, and large-scale user management.

Everyone starts programming by learning a programming language for beginners, learning variables and arrays, etc. From there, they accumulate a lot of experience, perform various jobs, and continue to learn with an insatiable curiosity and effort to grow into a high-level programmer.

When you want to know your skills

Checking programming skills can also be used when you want to know your current skills. It’s the same as taking TOEFL to check your English ability or taking a national mock exam before taking university entrance exams.

If you want to find a job as a programmer but wonder how useful a programmer you are, you should take this course. There are also places where programming is not done as a job, but as a competition. Every day, many programmers compete with each other in the competition of how to build difficult programs quickly and accurately.

Even if you want to participate in a competition like this, but suddenly feel a little intimidated, it’s a good idea to start with a skill check.

When recruiting new graduates or changing jobs

From a company perspective, it is believed that the test will be used as part of the test for new graduates and job seekers in the future. Since programming skills are self-declared on resumes, there are times when you won’t know until you start working whether you can use them immediately. In such a case, the skill check is useful.

When evaluating employees

It is thought that skill checks will also be adopted when evaluating employees who work as programmers. Programming skills are not the only thing, but I would like to retain excellent engineers as a company. So we will check it so that it will be eligible for bonuses etc.

When ordering work as a client

When a company orders a job from a subcontractor or a freelance programmer as a client, it can be scary because you don’t know how much the programmer can do if it’s the first time. Even in such a case, by checking the programming skills, you will be able to entrust the work with peace of mind.

Contents of the 5-level evaluation of programming skills

When evaluating programming skills in 5 stages, how much skill is evaluated for each ranked programmer?

S rank very high skill

S rank is also called level 5. It is a very high skill, and it can be said that it is a level that can be called a talent. First of all, he is an engineer who is difficult to meet and may be called a genius. However, there are cases where the evaluation side cannot catch up and the ability is not recognized socially.

A rank high skill

The A rank is what is generally referred to as the “excellent programmer with very high skills” level. Advanced programmers, regardless of language or environment, are engineers who can develop systems and software from scratch without using existing ones.

If you are such a good programmer, you would be able to make more money by using your connections and working as a freelancer rather than working as a programmer at a company.

Skills above a certain level of B rank

B rank is a programmer with skills that have cleared a certain standard. If you call yourself a professional programmer, you should aim for this level. Skills such as mastering multiple languages ​​and environments and being able to create frames that anyone can use are required. This is the level at which a company team leader is entrusted.

C rank basic skills

The C rank is a level at which basic skills have been properly acquired as a beginner. It can be said that it is a level where you can work efficiently, accurately, and at a certain speed using a certain programming language. If programming is a skill in job hunting, I would like to aim for this level. Also, if you want to start programming as a side job, aim for about this level.

D rank effort required

D rank is a so-called introductory person, a beginner. It is a level at which you can use programming languages ​​and frameworks that are relatively easy to code and perform the requested work. I still have a lot to learn to work as a professional, but it’s also a time when I can do more and become more interesting, so I can say that the more I try, the more I improve.

5 programming skill check problem collection sites

Many sites post collections of problems for programming skill checks. The more difficult problems you solve, the more skill you can hone.

Paiza skill check

The paiza skill check is a programming skill check conducted by paiza learning. It supports various languages ​​such as Java, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript. It also supports job changes and employment, so you can find jobs that match your skills. Skill check questions are available from S to D ranks.

AtCoder skill check

The AtCoder skill check is a ranking based on the contest held by AtCoder every week. This is divided into 9 ranks, from F rank only for registration to SSS rank where you can aim for the top in the world competition. However, since this is the result of competitive programming, sufficient skills in general companies are from D rank or higher. Very good programmers and engineers will be ranked A to B.

CheckiO skill check

CheckiO skill check is a site where you can check your skills like a game and also acquire programming skills. Beginners can take on the challenge, and the difficulty will increase little by little. Also, if you manage to solve the problem, you can see the model answers of other users, so you can study.

Track skill check

track skill check is a programming skill check tool provided by Ghibly Co., Ltd. It is mainly developed to correctly evaluate the practical skills of corporate engineers and is being introduced one after another by well-known companies.


freeCodeCamp is a site where you can learn programming necessary for web application development for free and interact with programmers and engineers around the world.

Also, rather than a skill check function, you can quickly check where you made a mistake because you can immediately see the results of your coding. It is a service that allows you to check where you are likely to make mistakes and where you are weak.

How to effectively improve your programming skills

What can I do to improve my programming skills? Let’s pick up on how to improve your programming skills.

Take advantage of skill checks

First of all, it is important to use the skill check introduced here and know exactly what level you are at. By knowing your level, you can also clarify the problem. Further growth can be expected by performing supplementary learning if there is a lacking part.

Take classes that match your skills

Once you know your skills, taking courses and programming school curriculums that match your skills will help you improve the areas that have been a bottleneck so far.

Code diligently every day

Coding gets better the more you write. Conversely, the more you skip, the weaker your ability will be. Once you forget it, it’s hard to re-skill it. Therefore, it can be said that continuing to code diligently every day is the basis for skill improvement. For those who become bald on their own, let’s start a simple side job.

Use school as needed

When you lose confidence in your programming skills or when you stumble, first use the skill check to find the “hole” in your ability. Let’s use the school well to fill the hole. Even if you use it only when you want a professional to teach you the necessary skills, you can solve your stumbling blocks smartly.

[Summary] Regularly check your skills and improve your skills!

Once you start programming, take regular skill check measurements to improve your skills. Even if you are not using it for work, you will have more chances to use a computer by measuring your skills, and it will be good practice.

Even if you are using it as a job, measuring your skills will help you to accurately understand your abilities and compensate for any deficiencies. It will also motivate you, so let’s check it regularly.


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