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How to start learning programming? How to learn quickly!

If you want to learn to program, all you need is a computer. However, it is quite difficult to acquire it with one’s power. What should I choose from among the many programming languages, and what should I start with? Should I still go to school?

3 Reasons why you should learn programming

If you are serious about becoming a programmer, you can apply for jobs that require no experience. If you are a company that develops in-house, there are places where you can learn through work even if you have no experience at all.

However, once you know the basics, you will have more options, and you will be able to acquire specialized knowledge of what you want to do. Here are three benefits of this job that I want people who want to be programmers to know.

I can work in my free time in the future

Some programmers aim to be active as freelancers after gaining a track record at a company. The advantage of working as a freelancer is that you can work at your discretion, so you can manage your work hours and workload.

You can choose a job that specializes in your area of ​​expertise, negotiate your salary, and work in your spare time, such as a side job or childcare, so you can expand your options for choosing a job. It will be

You can increase your income

If you ask whether the average annual income of programmers is particularly high compared to other companies, the answer is ” NO “. However, there are more than a few companies that provide allowances and raise salaries by obtaining qualifications, so you can increase your annual income in an easy-to-understand manner.

Also, annual income varies depending on the size of the company, so there is no doubt that you can expect a salary increase if you gain experience and change jobs, or if you become a system engineer who thinks and builds programming from a programmer who writes programming.

It can be said that the best part of working as a programmer is that the amount of effort you put into your work is reflected in your annual income.

Able to work in various fields

Programming is a word, but the content of the work is various. People who create games and apps, people who protect systems that support our lives such as banks, people who create new technologies that are not here today, the power of programming is limitless.

Think about how programming is used in your field of interest and choose a field to study.

How to start learning to program

So what should you do when you want to learn to program? There are many reference books in various languages ​​in the specialized book section of the bookstore. Find out how to choose the one that’s right for you.

 What you want to do with programming(Think about it)

As I said earlier, the things you can do with programming are endless. Among them, the most important thing is to think about what field you want to challenge. Different programming languages ​​have different areas of expertise, so it’s a good idea to think about what you want to do, even roughly, and start with a language that specializes in that.

Choose a programming language that is related to what you want to do

For example, if you are interested in creating web or smartphone sites, choose a language that you are good at building pages such as “HTML” or “CSS”. HTML also has the advantage that you can start learning without any special preparation as long as you have a PC.

There are various languages ​​depending on the field, such as “JavaScript” (* Swift for iPhone apps) is good for application creation, and ” Python ” if you are aiming for the AI ​​field where demand is expected to grow in the future. So it is important to choose wisely.

Collection of books related to programming

Once you have decided on the field you want to aim for, let’s start creating an environment for learning.

As I mentioned earlier, some languages ​​require a development environment to be installed on your PC. For Java and Swift, it is necessary to install software that translates so that the PC can understand the language, called compilation. The ease of starting and the degree of difficulty may be important points in choosing a language.

Choose self-study or school and start learning

Ready to learn? Self-study or school, which do you choose? Even if you are self-studying, you can easily start as long as you have a PC, or you can choose to go to school based on your level of understanding. I want to learn in a short period, and become an engineer! If you choose the shortest distance, we recommend joining the school.

When learning to program on your own

When studying on your own, the most important thing is to keep learning. Don’t give up and start by touching the language.

Choose the best reference book for each step

If you go to the reference book corner, you will find reference books suitable for different levels, from those for beginners.

Also, if you enter “programming” and “self-study” into the search site, many helpful sites will appear. There are various sites where you can get answers in the form of videos and Q&A, so please check them out as well.

Code a little bit every day

Let’s touch the code little by little every day so as not to become a bald man. There are things that you can learn in the chat method with smartphone apps, so let’s make it a daily routine.

Programming in your head

If you make even one code or spelling mistake, the program will not work correctly. A big wall that beginners hit is also this accuracy.

But it takes more knowledge to build a procedure than precision to build a program in your head. The process of constructing things in your head in your spare time and writing them down after it has taken shape to some extent is similar to the actual work process, and it is a study method that I would like you to adopt.

How to start programming learning using school

For those who are frustrated by self-study, and those who want to acquire knowledge in a short period, we recommend going to school. It costs more money than self-study, but the environment for learning is well prepared. So, what should you pay attention to when finding the right school for you?

Choose a school supported by many engineers

Nowadays, it is easy to check the reviews and the reputation of a school by using the internet. If you are a school that offers briefings and free trials, you can see it with your own eyes and judge it, but it is still recommended to check reviews.

Find a school that matches your learning style

Many schools are easy to learn while working to step up because of changing jobs. There are schools where you can attend nights and weekends, and there are schools that have online lessons.

Also, if you don’t have a school near your home or work, consider online lessons as an option. Rather than spending a lot of time commuting to school, I can spend more time studying at home on my computer.

It is also necessary to create an environment where you can learn without difficulty at a school that fits your lifestyle.

Choose a popular programming school

“TECH::EXPERT ” is a school for those who want to change jobs or want to be active as a freelancer. From beginners to those aiming to step up, you can start according to each skill. The school itself is only in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, but there are also online lessons. First of all, it is one of the recommended points to decide the contents of the course after counseling for free.

We also recommend the “Samurai Engineer”, which offers one-on-one lessons. You can choose online or face-to-face lessons, create a curriculum according to your own goals, and take lessons. It is safe to take lessons from beginners who are not good at computers. There are also services such as student discounts and a full refund guarantee within 2 weeks.

[Summary] Let’s learn to program well and open up the future!

Self-studying requires s less initial investment, and you can learn at your own pace, so you can work according to youlifestylesle, such as work or school. On the other hand, if you go to a school, it will cost money, but you can get not only study but also career consultation. Learn programming in a way that suits you and opens up the future with your own hands.


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