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What is the difference between frontend and backend?

If you want to work in programming as a programmer or engineer, what field would you like to be active in? For example, engineers have two types of jobs called front-end engineers and back-end engineers. The programming languages ​​they handle and the results of their work are different.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between front-end engineers and back-end engineers, their characteristics, annual income, and future potential.

Difference between frontend and backend

First, let’s talk about the difference between front-end and back-end. What are the front-end and back-end?

Areas of web content development

Both front-end and back-end are areas for developing web content, such as web services and web applications.

The difference between front-end and back-end is simply “front stage and backstage”. The part of a device such as a computer or a smartphone that the user sees and touches is the front end, and the part that cannot be seen from the outside is the back end.

You can’t compare which is more important. With both working properly, web content can be used.

programming language to use

The programming languages ​​used are also different between the front end and the back end.

  • Frontend…HTML, JavaScript, CSS, CSS, etc.
  • Backend…Backend Ruby, Java, PHP, etc.

In the next section, we will introduce the characteristics of front-end engineers and back-end engineers in detail.

Characteristics of front-end engineers

What does a front-end engineer do? The computers and smartphones that we interact with daily are also greatly indebted.

Create web design

A front-end engineer’s job is to create websites using programming languages ​​such as HTML and JavaScript, which were introduced earlier. We also build and develop web applications as well as websites. We also implement API functions that meet user needs.

Especially the creation of the part related to the design will be the main work. Jobs such as web design are done by front engineers.

Create the table part of the website

It is the role of the front-end engineer to create the table part of the website that we often see. Devices are two sides of the same coin, doing a lot of different things. The part of the table that we see is displayed in the browser, but a lot is going on behind the scenes.

I work on the design of the part displayed in the browser, design UI and UX, and design related to SEO.

Construction of each page

The construction of each page of the website is also the job of the front-end engineer. Websites have many different functions. For example, when you look at the top page, you can see a video or a beautiful design that makes it easy to see what the shop or company is like.

You can also see the inside of the store with a 360° view, and you can quickly return to the top of any page from anywhere. Many sites attract people with beautiful photos and stylish designs, such as hotels, inns, and restaurants. Such an attractive construction of each page is also the front-end engineer’s job.

Create what the user can see

Simply put, a front-end engineer’s job is to create the “visible” part of the device for the user. Even looking at a computer or smartphone, it’s hard to believe that this small and thin machine has a front and a back, and each performs amazing processing at high speed.

It is possible to catch a glimpse of the work. Right-click on the browser and select “view page source”. If you click here, you will be able to see how programming such as HTML that makes up the page of the site you are viewing now is going on.

You can see that the gorgeous and easy-to-understand website pages that are generally seen are composed of plain text. We are now in an era where we can watch long movies on smartphones and read comics on the web, but such high-quality browsing is also possible thanks to the development and construction of front-end engineers.

Characteristics of backend engineers

If the front-end engineer’s job is to make the site look beautiful on the device, what are the characteristics of the back-end engineer’s job? This is also a very important point.

Construction of databases, etc.

Back-end engineers build the parts that device users don’t see in their browsers. For example, we build systems such as databases, define requirements, design, and develop. A database is a collection of information on a computer organized for convenient searching and updating.

A huge amount of information is constantly flowing into and out of computers. When it is thrown into chaos, it becomes difficult to know what is where. By building and managing a database, it becomes easier to organize a lot of information, sort it out, and extract what you need.

Server-side construction invisible to users

We also build the server side, which is not seen from the browser that the user is looking at. When the user clicks or operates a button in the browser, instructions are sent from the front-end program.

The server side receives the instructions and builds an environment for the server side program to run efficiently within the server.

System development

Backend engineers also perform system development and construction. Operations on the front end are easy and fast because the back end system works efficiently.

Web service operation and maintenance

The operation and maintenance of web services are also one of the jobs of backend engineers. By performing maintenance inspections so that the website is always in good condition and properly operated, various services can be used without trouble.

Annual income and future potential of front-end engineers and back-end engineers

How much can a front-end engineer and a back-end engineer earn each year? I will also introduce you to the future that you care about.

Both are in high demand due to a lack of IT human resources

Both front-end and back-end engineers are essential to building websites and web applications.

Large companies may have front-end engineers and back-end engineers, but in the case of small and medium-sized companies, it may be necessary to perform both tasks depending on the language that can be used regardless.

However, the demand for talented programmers and engineers is currently outstripping the supply. Therefore, there are many job openings everywhere, and human resources who can immediately be used are welcome.

The average annual income is about 4 million yen

It is said that front-end engineers and back-end engineers both earn about 4 million yen a year. It varies from company to company and from job to job.

If you have skills and experience, you can aim for an annual income of 10 million!

However, if you have skills and experience, you will be able to entrust more and more difficult programming, and you will be promoted faster. If you work hard for a few years, work at a company, learn the know-how, start a business, and get freelance work, your annual income of 10 million yen will be within range.

[Summary] Front-end and back-end jobs with high future potential

Both front-end and back-end are highly sought-after jobs that have a future as long as devices exist. If possible, familiarize yourself with either programming language and improve your skills, your reputation in the company will be higher, and the road to freelancing will come closer.


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