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How does AI work? How to make artificial intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence is now a technology that we use every day.

Artificial intelligence technology has been introduced everywhere, not only in smartphone applications, but also in web services and daily work, and it is attracting attention that it is producing great results.

However, even if we say that AI is used around us, it does not necessarily mean that people who use artificial intelligence understand how it works. I guess.

This time, to gain a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence, I would like to introduce how artificial intelligence works in the first place and how it is created.

Table of Contents

  • How artificial intelligence (AI) works
    • It’s programming
    • If you understand the mechanism, even a beginner can create artificial intelligence (AI)
  • How to make artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Data collection
    • Model training
    • system implementation
  • An AI-equipped app that makes it easy for beginners to understand how to make
    • Chatbot
    • Image recognition/image processing
  • The best programming language for creating artificial intelligence
    • Python
    • Javascript
  • Recommended teaching materials for learning how to make artificial intelligence and how it works
    • Move and learn with Python! New machine learning textbook (Shoeisha)
    • The easiest AI <artificial intelligence> super introduction (Mynavi Publishing)
    • How to make artificial intelligence – How does “interesting” game AI work (Gijutsu Hyoronsha)
  • Summary

How artificial intelligence (AI) works

Before learning how to create artificial intelligence, let’s first look at how artificial intelligence works.

Artificial intelligence is a state-of-the-art technology, but when it comes to its origin, it works by combining codes through programming, and anyone who knows how to code can assemble an original artificial intelligence.

It’s programming

In a direct interpretation, artificial intelligence means “artificially creating an existence with intelligence equal to that of humans ‘, but the artificial intelligence that we use daily is not that exaggerated.

Certainly, there is an aspect of research in the field of artificial intelligence that looks like a science fiction movie, a robot that looks like a living being with intelligence that looks like a human being, but what is currently being used in the practical stage is a little more casual.

What is currently being used in the practical stage is AI called specialized artificial intelligence.

Specialized artificial intelligence is a type of AI that focuses on specific fields and problem-solving abilities, and cannot think flexibly about all problems and phenomena as humans do.

However, one theme, demonstrates the ability to think more than humans.

In addition to image recognition and board games, it uses a different approach from humans to process huge amounts of data, such as language translation and shows performance equal to or better than humans.

Programming is the process of repeatedly processing this huge amount of data and giving guidelines so that artificial intelligence can proactively derive answers.

If you understand the mechanism, even a beginner can create artificial intelligence (AI)

This process of data processing is called machine learning.

It functions by giving guidelines such as what elements are learned from the data given to artificial intelligence by human programming and what the purpose is.

And a learning method that goes a step further than just machine learning is called deep learning.

Deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning, but what makes it unique is that the machine finds out what it needs to learn on its own and becomes smarter on its own.

When data is given to artificial intelligence, humans independently derive consistency and differences from the data without giving instructions and evolve intelligence, but humans are like simple machine learning. You can act very intelligently because you don’t have to tell them what to do.

Of course, humans may grow up paying attention to unintended points of attention, so if there is a purpose, it is necessary to make adjustments as appropriate, but deep learning is still very advanced. As a technology, it is attracting attention all over the world.

When it comes to creating artificial intelligence at the beginner level, it is difficult to create such intelligence, but even so, if you are at the general machine learning level, you can understand how to make it relatively easily, and you can proceed with your learning. If you do, you should be able to understand the details of how deep learning is made and how it works.

How to make artificial intelligence (AI)

Now let’s see how we can create artificial intelligence.

First, the origin of artificial intelligence is divided into three processes: data collection, learning, and system implementation, and it will be able to function as a service.

Data collection

In the first data collection, as the name suggests, humans collect samples of data that they want artificial intelligence to learn.

For example, if you want artificial intelligence to distinguish between apples and grapes, you need to prepare a large amount of diverse image data of apples and grapes.

If you want to find sales forecasts and the direction of the economy from numbers, you need to load your company’s past sales data, and what is useful here is what is called big data.

Big data is a keyword that has been attracting attention for some time now, but the vast amount of data that cannot be processed by humans can be said to be a treasure trove for artificial intelligence learning.

The focus on big data is closely related to the advent of artificial intelligence.

Model training

Once the data is collected to some extent, the next step is to load the data.

For example, when it comes to distinguishing between apples and grapes, you can set it so that you can choose 1 for apples and 0 for grapes, and you can distinguish the difference from the characteristics of each color and shape. program as

Image data is nothing more than a collection of pixels from the computer’s point of view, so while reading the subtle differences in color data and their arrangement, we can find commonalities in each feature.

By repeating this data comparison countless times in artificial intelligence, it is possible to distinguish between apples and grapes.

System implementation

Once artificial intelligence has matured to a level where it can be used, the next step is implementation. Create a user interface (UI) for introducing artificial intelligence and arrange the system so that anyone can use it.

In the case of the apple and grape image recognition AI mentioned earlier, for example, we can think of a system that can answer with probability whether the image uploaded by the user to the system is an apple, grape, or something else.

At the implementation stage, skills such as web design are required rather than skills to create artificial intelligence, so if you want to release it to the world as a service, you will need different abilities.

An AI-equipped app that makes it easy for beginners to understand how to make

Beyond image recognition, there are several examples of artificial intelligence that can be implemented at a relatively low skill level.


For example, an AI chatbot is a representative example.

If it is a normal chatbot, it can only respond according to the template, such as providing information on business hours and distributing sale information. You can use it as if you were interacting with

Uniqlo’s UNIQLO IQ is a representative example.

This app not only informs you about deals and business hours but also provides a groundbreaking assistant service that specifically answers various questions according to the content of the user’s chat question.

For example, if you ask “Tell me what you recommend for summer,” it will answer questions such as what kind of clothes you want and whether you have a favorite color, and then provide you with product information accordingly.

You can use the chatbot as if you were shopping at UNIQLO.

Image recognition/image processing

Several familiar smartphone apps use AI for image recognition.

For example, “Automaton” is an excellent app that automatically recognizes the shapes of people and objects in a photo and automatically applies painting-like processing to the photo.

After recognizing what the image is, it is equipped with several functions that allow you to process the image optimally and according to the theme of the application.

The best programming language for creating artificial intelligence

Next, I will introduce popular programming languages ​​for assembling artificial intelligence.


Python can be said to be the only language that is most active in the field of artificial intelligence.

Originally, it was treated as a language for statistics, but due to its ease of acquisition and high versatility, it has been actively adopted in artificial intelligence development.

It is a programming language that I would recommend to beginners, as there are job needs.


Javascript is also a language often used in the development of artificial intelligence.

Its characteristic is that it is easy to get into, and it is said that every programmer has encountered it at least once.

It is often seen in the field of web development, and it is also useful when implementing AI as a web service by taking advantage of its characteristics.

Recommended teaching materials for learning how to make artificial intelligence and how it works

Finally, I would like to touch on the teaching materials that I would like to read to learn how to make artificial intelligence and how it works.

Move and learn with Python! New machine learning textbook (Shoeisha)

This is a textbook where you can learn about machine learning while moving your hands using Python.

You can also learn the knowledge of mathematics, which is indispensable for programming, so it is the best book to acquire a set of skills.

The easiest AI <artificial intelligence> super introduction (Mynavi Publishing)

This is an introductory book for those who want to understand the mechanism of artificial intelligence a little more firmly.

Artificial intelligence is introduced with easy-to-understand expressions and examples, even for those who are not familiar with IT, making it an easy-to-read book.

How to make artificial intelligence – How does “interesting” game AI work (Gijutsu Hyoronsha)

This book introduces the mechanics of game AI by Yoichiro Miyake, a leading figure in artificial intelligence.

It is content that allows you to find the essence of “interesting ways to use AI” while unraveling the history that the technology that forms the basis of AI has been used in games since the 1980s, not just today.


The technology of artificial intelligence is still rarely talked about in Japan about its mechanism and possibilities, but many people have researched AI both in Japan and overseas.

Nowadays, various teaching materials are sold in Japanese, and there are more opportunities to easily use smartphone apps, so it can be said that it is the best time to learn artificial intelligence.

You can get a lot of general information about AI just by looking it up on the internet, but it’s also a good idea to try learning programming and reading books.


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