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Can a freelancer become a web designer? Introducing learning methods and job change methods!

We all use the Internet daily, but when you search for something, you often see fancy or elaborate web pages.

A web designer is someone who designs and creates such websites. In recent years, with the spread of the Internet, more and more individuals are creating websites. Therefore, web designers are in high demand.

This time, about such a popular profession as a web designer,

Can I become a web designer even as a freezer?
What should I study to become a web designer?
What should I do to get a job as a web designer?

For those who have such questions, I will introduce the technique.

Table of Contents

  • Can you become a web designer from a freezer?
  • What is a web designer in the first place?
  • What kind of person is a web design suitable for?
  • How freezers and inexperienced people study web design
  • How to change jobs to a web designer even if you are a freeter or inexperienced
  • Summary

Can you become a web designer from a freezer?


Image: Can you become a web designer from a freezer?

First of all, I will answer the question, “Can a free become a web designer?” At first glance, many people think that they cannot become web designers without specialized skills and outstanding sense.

However, in reality, there are no qualifications required to become a web designer. Web designers can work in a variety of ways, some work for a company, and some work as an individual as a freelancer. In other words, it is a profession that has a great appeal that you can work anywhere as long as you have the skills.

A certain amount of technology is required, but if you understand the basics, you may be able to receive orders for even simple projects. There are various ways of working to choose from, and no qualifications are required, so even freezers and those who have no experience can aim for this job.

What is a web designer in the first place?


Image: What is a web designer?

Now, for those of you who don’t quite understand what a web designer does, let me introduce you to the “main job” and “required skills and qualifications.”

Main tasks of a web designer

A web designer’s main job is to receive requests from companies and individuals and design websites according to the client’s wishes. We design a site that satisfies the client by considering the color scheme and layout based on the client’s image of the atmosphere and the nature of the product.

The main workflow is as follows.

  1. Hearing about the image of the site from the client (hearing)
  2. Building a rough site configuration (creating a rough draft)
  3. Actual design on the web (implementation)
  4. When completed, upload it to the client’s server (publish)

I’ve described it roughly, but the work will generally proceed in this way.

It is important to be able to draw out the site design that the client imagines through interviews, so it can be said that this is a job that requires communication skills. In addition, when discussing rough drafts and after implementation, detailed corrections are made in millimeters, so patience and concentration are required.

In addition, the main job of a web designer is basically to implement the design (appearance) part of the website, etc., but to realize the design, it will be possible to do the work of coding and programming. , further expands the range of work.

If the web designer can do the coding, the job requester can save the trouble of searching for a programmer, and the work can be entrusted with consistency in all processes, so the order rate will increase dramatically. If you have a certain amount of leeway, it would be a good idea to learn programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Skills and qualifications required for a web designer


Image: Skills and qualifications required for web designers

Here are the skills and qualifications that a web designer should have. It is not a “must have”, and you can become a web designer without the skills and qualifications introduced here.


The main skills required are:

  • Basic knowledge about
    design is Necessary when thinking about how to design to match the theme and image desired by the client

  • Skills that can use design tools In
    order to show what it will look like when the design is implemented on a web page, let’s at least learn how to use design tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Coding and programming skills
    It is often done by occupations such as coders and programmers rather than web designers, but if you can also code, you can expect an increase in income.

  • Knowledge about web marketing When
    creating a website, it is important to consider how the website can be seen by as many people as possible. This area is called “marketing”. In the case of websites, there are measures called SEO measures to “improve the display ranking when searched”, and knowing the technique leads to marketing ability.


Below are the qualifications. As I said many times, qualifications are not required to become a web designer. You can become a web designer if you have knowledge and skills, but many qualifications will be advantageous if you have them, so I will introduce them.

  • Web creator ability certification test
  • Web design skill test
  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Photoshop® Creator Proficiency Certification Examination
  • Illustrator® creator ability certification exam
  • HTML5 Professional Certification

 Who are Web Designers for?

People suitable for web designers

Image: People who are suitable for web designers

Here, I will explain “what kind of people are suitable for web designers”. There are various occupations in the world, but all of them have something called “aptitude”, and there are standards such as what kind of person is suitable for that occupation.

Among them, the main aptitudes of web designers are the following three.

  • I like to create something from scratch
  • Design can be considered logically
  • People who can sympathize with their troubles

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these things is good for web designers.

I like to create something from scratch

Web design creates a website design based on the image that the client desires. It is created from scratch, so if you like and are good at creating something from scratch, you can say that it is suitable for web designers.

Whether it’s a job or a hobby, if you don’t like it, you won’t be able to continue it, and even if you continue, it’s painful and stressful. Therefore, if you like and enjoy the work that web designers do, it will be a vocation.

Design can be considered logically

Design can be considered logically

Image: You can think about design logically

When a web designer thinks about a design in response to a request from a client, it is necessary to consider the following points when arranging them.

  • Color scheme
  • Position of menus, etc.
  • Font and size of letters
  • Size and placement of photos and logos

It is very difficult to create a design intuitively with the above sense, so it is necessary to construct it as a design logically. It can be said that one of the necessary skills is not only the intuitive sense but also the ability to calculate and create sophisticated designs.

People who can sympathize with their troubles

The last thing I would like to introduce is “people who can sympathize with their troubles.”

It is possible to listen to the client in detail about how the site will be operated and what they are currently worried about. Thinking people are perfect for web designers. It is a great strength, and I can say that I am suitable for it.

How freezers and inexperienced people study web design

How freeters and inexperienced people study web design

Image: How freezers and inexperienced people study web design

Now, I will explain how to study when a freeter or inexperienced person wants to study web design. There are three ways to do this, so let’s look at them one by one.

Go to school

The first thing is to go to a school where you can study web design. There are two types of schools, online and school type, and you can choose the study method that suits your style.

There are three benefits to attending school.

  • Have a professional instructor
  • Anything you don’t understand can be answered immediately
  • It is easy to continue, so it is difficult to get frustrated

The main big thing is that it’s easy to continue and it’s hard to get frustrated. After all, it is a specialized field, so once you run into something you don’t understand, it can take a long time to resolve it if you are self-study, and many people get frustrated because of that.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages is the following.

  • Tuition fee

The tuition fee is never cheap because you can get specialized technology. However, some schools offer job placement guarantees after graduation and discount purchases of Adobe products, so it would be a good idea to compare various schools.

Attend a vocational school

attend a vocational school

Image: Attend a vocational school

Next, I will introduce how to attend a vocational training school. If you are unemployed, you can apply through Hello Work. There are also tests and interviews after applying, and if it is a popular training school, the magnification maybe 2 or 3 times. You may not be able to go to the school of your choice, so be careful.

Some of the benefits of attending a vocational school include:

  • No tuition fees other than textbook fees
  • Get unemployment insurance
  • Adobe products and PCs such as Macs necessary for web designers can be purchased at a student discount

Vocational training has a strong image of being a place for the unemployed, and some people may need a little courage to get involved. Let’s take advantage of it.


The last study method I would like to introduce is “self-study”. A major way for inexperienced people to study web design is to go to the web design school introduced earlier. However, this would require a very high tuition fee.

Studying web design can be self-study if you follow the study flow and learning method correctly. However, if you study on your own, you will often stumble over problems or things you don’t understand, and you will often end up frustrated.

Recently, the information and communities necessary for self-study have been enriched, so the environment is relatively easy for self-study. If you make full use of videos, reference books, learning sites, etc., and if you can proceed with your study in a flow where you can ask questions in the community and solve problems if you run into them, you will be able to learn web design without frustration.

How to change jobs to a web designer even if you are a freeter or inexperienced

How to change jobs to a web designer even if you are a freeter or inexperienced

Image: How to change jobs to a web designer even if you are a freeter or inexperienced

Finally, I will explain how to change jobs to web designers even if you are currently a freeter or inexperienced.

Apply for a job on a career change site

First of all, I will introduce how to search for a new job by registering on the job change site. The job of a web designer is in high demand, and there are a surprising number of companies hiring. Some companies allow you to work even if you have no experience.

Some companies may ask for a portfolio or track record. When you study, it is a good idea to have a study method that you can leave in some form. If your achievements are evaluated, you will be hired regardless of barriers such as inexperienced or part-timers, so it is important to actively promote yourself without being timid.

Utilize a career change agent

Next, we will introduce how to use a “change agent”. This is similar to the job change site above, and it is a system that allows you to hire from companies that are recruiting if the conditions match. The big difference is that a “change agent” enters between the company that wants to hire a web designer and the web designer that wants to work.

The career change agent will automatically match the skills and skills of the web designer with the requirements of the company. In other words, just by registering your information and skills, you will be introduced to companies that meet your conditions, and even interviews will be covered. We recommend that you register first.

Attend a web design school with a job change guarantee

Attend a web design school with job change guarantee

Image: Attend a web design school with a job change guarantee

The last thing I would like to introduce is how to attend a “web design school with a job change guarantee”. Many schools where you can learn web design will also introduce you to a new job after completing the course. If you are a famous web design school, you may be asked to work at our company just by being a graduate of that school. If you are considering a web design school, it is important to choose a solid school.

We recommend “Tech Camp Designer Career Change” as a web design school with a job change guarantee. With a 10-week short-term intensive curriculum, it is a very attractive school where you can acquire professional design skills. The biggest attraction is that it comes with a full refund guarantee if you can’t change jobs.

If you are promised to change jobs, the tuition paid for school will never be wasted. Furthermore, if you can work as a web designer, you can rest assured that you will be able to earn enough money to pay off immediately.


This time, can a freeter or inexperienced person become a web designer? Under the theme, I explained how to become, how to study, and how to change jobs. I’m a part-time worker and don’t have a job right now, but I want to make a fresh start and get a job as a web designer! If so, read this article and take the first step.

Of course, if you start with no knowledge at all, you may face many difficulties and setbacks. However, by overcoming it, you can become a web designer who can work freely and creatively, so please do your best. I hope that you will find a study method that suits you best from among the ones introduced here, and try to put it into practice.


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