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What is DX?

Recently, we often hear the term “digital transformation (DX)”. Many companies have DX promotion as part of their medium- to long-term plans, so it is probably one of the words that everyone is familiar with.

It is said that DX, not the introduction of local digital tools, is necessary to overcome the harsh competition in the digital society. Therefore, there is no doubt that DX skills will be emphasized in the future society.
But DX is a very abstract concept. Not only do you need knowledge about digital technology, but you also need practical skills to promote DX, so there may be people who can’t imagine a specific image or don’t know where to start. Uka

Therefore, this time, Skill Up AI will hold a course to understand the essence of DX and acquire the concept of DX that can be applied to your company. This course is useful not only for people in charge of development sites, but also for anyone involved in business, such as managers and managers.

I would like to introduce the course from the perspective of the necessity of DX, examples, and curriculum composition.


  1. Why do we need DX
  2. Correct DX, learned from examples
  3. Curriculum in line with practice
  4. in conclusion

1. Why do we need DX?

In this course, first, you will learn why DX is needed. Although it is rarely touched on, it is an important theme that forms the basis of DX.

Simply put, DX is the use of digital technology to transform business models .
So why should we use digital technology to transform our business model?

The biggest reason is that companies cannot survive without promoting DX.

In today’s digital society, the use of technologies such as the cloud and AI is becoming commonplace in any industry.
If you don’t break away from the old system while embracing these technologies, you’ll quickly become obsolete. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to survive in the fierce competition of the digital society.

If a company fails in DX and loses competitiveness, it will cause huge losses. If DX does not proceed well, it is said that “from 2025, there is a possibility of an economic loss of up to 12 trillion yen/year (approximately three times the current amount).”

Another role of DX is to convert to a business model that is easy to create value.

Due to rapid digitalization, the needs of customers and society are changing at a dizzying pace. To deliver valuable service, you need to respond quickly to change. To that end, we must make full use of technologies such as AI and change our business model through DX.

2. Correct DX, learned from examples

Of course, digital technology is indispensable for DX. Learning about digital technologies such as the cloud and AI is essential to understanding DX.

However, technical issues are extremely difficult and require a huge amount of time to catch up. Also, even if you can understand it, it does not directly lead to the promotion of DX.
In fact, in DX, it is more important to acquire a way of thinking that utilizes digital technology in business, rather than a deep understanding of each digital technology.

In this course, we will cover many DX cases and aim to acquire practical DX skills through them. Since we delve into and introduce cases summarized for each company, it is possible to learn the essence for successful DX without any prerequisite knowledge.

Knowing about various cases has the following merits.

  • – Feel the value brought about by DX from the customer’s perspective
  • – Understand how they shifted to DX
  • – Understand what kind of digital technology is being used

From DX case studies, you can learn how DX is necessary for your company and how to improve the customer’s experience value.

3. Curriculum in line with practical work

In general, DX often begins and ends with the evolution of individual digital technologies and the introduction of tools. Essentially, however, DX cannot be achieved unless it is implemented from a management perspective, such as renovating the IT infrastructure and strengthening the promotion system, in addition to the introduction of local digital technology.

Therefore, in this course, we have prepared a curriculum that allows you to acquire the concept and knowledge of DX according to practical work.
The curriculum is as follows.

  • Overview of DX
  • Technologies that support DX
  • IT infrastructure for DX
  • Business operation transformation for DX
  • Human resources and systems for successful DX
  • Business model transformation through DX

In this course, in addition to digital technology, you can also learn about IT infrastructure, business operations, human resources and systems, and business model transformation.
Through the course, you can acquire practical and specific DX skills according to each situation.

4. Conclusion

“DX” is a highly important area that must be learned not only for those in charge of development sites, but also for managers and managers.
There are few contents that can understand the essence of DX and learn specific methods for promoting DX, so if you are interested, please take a look at the course page.


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