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Four points to check when Google Analytics conversion measurement is not possible!

Looking at the “Google Analytics Japanese” group on the Google product forum, I see posts from people who have fallen into a situation where they can’t measure conversions.

 Therefore, we have summarized the points to check when Google Analytics conversion measurement is not correct. If the number of conversions itself is not being measured, check the 4 points described in this article and you should be able to solve most of them.

Do you have a Google Analytics tag installed?

Let’s check if the Google Analytics tag is installed for the page specified as the goal completion page. Even if you have installed a Google Analytics tag using Tag Manager, make sure that Tag Manager is installed correctly and that the Google Analytics tag is running correctly. Also, a common case is that the source code for PC and mobile is different, and the Google Analytics tag is not installed only for the mobile version. Check the installation status of tags on both PC and mobile.

Also, to check the tag installation, it is convenient to use a tool such as “Tag Assistant”, which is an extension of Chrome, as it is possible to check the value actually sent. Click here to install Tag Assistant .

If the tag is listed in the source code, but the data is not sent when you look at it with Tag Assistant, open the relevant page in Chrome and start the developer tools ( (F12 on Windows, Command+Option+I on Mac). Open the developer tools, there should be a tab called “Console”, open it and try to reload the page again. If red characters appear on the “Console” screen, there is a high possibility that an error has occurred in JavaScript. If you tell the developer of the site, “I think there is an error in JavaScript, please fix it,” I think it will work (although they may ask more questions).

Is the user you’re testing filtered out?

If there is no general user traffic on the page before it is published, and the filter is set to exclude traffic from your company’s IP address, the effective traffic will be extremely low and conversion will not occur. get. When creating filters , follow the principle of creating at least one default , unfiltered view, add views, configure conversions, and see them in that view. (Or test from an unfiltered IP address).

Is the URL you provided for the goal completion page correct?

If you have confirmed that the Google Analytics tag is installed on the goal completion page, in the Google Analytics report, the goal completion page will appear in the URL of “Behavior” > “Site Content” > “All Pages”. It should be listed. First, let’s display all the items and confirm that the goal completion page is being tracked.

Next, check to see if you specified the goal completion page correctly. Click “Advanced” on the right side of the search window for narrowing down, perform a narrowed search with the same conditions as specified on the goal completion page, and check whether it is displayed in the search results. If it is not displayed, there is a high possibility that the specification method is incorrect. Try changing the “equal”, “matches the beginning”, and “regular expression”, or change the specified URL so that only the necessary pages are displayed.

Common patterns include entering the host name (which may be correct depending on your settings), incorrect regular expressions, and typos in the URL.

Suspect time lag in data processing

If you have checked so far and cannot find the root cause, it may be a problem on the Google Analytics side. The free version of Google Analytics officially claims that it can take up to 48 hours to process data. There are few cases where it actually takes about 48 hours, but there are many cases where the operation is not reflected immediately after the operation. I think it’s okay to wait about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Also, there may be a problem with the Google Analytics system itself. Check the Apps Status Dashboard to see if anything is going wrong with our services.


In the case of a newly opened site, the focus is on site creation, and there are many cases where the installation of Google Analytics is started the day before the site opens. In such a case, it is easy to get impatient if the conversion measurement is not done well. However, in such a case, it is important to eliminate the reasons why conversion measurement is not possible one by one.


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