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What value should retailers consider providing to customers? The importance of values ​​marketing

Have you ever thought about “value provided to customers”? In fact, like myself, I have experienced that when thinking about the value provided to customers, the way we used to do marketing and sales has changed dramatically. It also has the potential to create a virtuous cycle that makes decision-making easier. This time, I would like to introduce the “value provided to customers” that retailers should be aware of.

What value should retailers consider providing to customers?

Table of contents

  1. What is “value provided to customers”?
  2. Will people who buy a Jeep Wrangler also consider the Benz G-Class?
  3. How to find the “customer value” of your products and services?

What is “value provided to customers”?

For many people, hearing the abstract term “customer value provided” doesn’t ring a bell. I would like to introduce this “value provided to customers” using specific examples.

Have you ever used Starbucks coffee? I think everyone has probably used it at least once. Starbucks Coffee is a coffee shop originally founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971, and currently has 31,256 stores worldwide.

When it comes to coffee shops, there are a wide variety of shops opening in Japan, such as Doutor and Tully’s, and recently Komeda Coffee and Hoshino Coffee. Among them, Starbucks Coffee continues to operate as a popular coffee shop. In fact, one of the reasons for its continued popularity is said to be the value it provides to customers.

The inside of Starbucks Coffee has a different atmosphere than a store that simply serves coffee. Each store has a different concept, stylish furniture and wallpaper, lighting that isn’t too bright, a calm atmosphere that won’t bother you even if you stay for a long time, and even though the customer service is highly operationalized, the service has a human touch. It is refined down to the .

This is because Starbucks Coffee provides a consistent customer experience based on its core concept of “third place.” A third place is a comfortable place that is isolated from everyday life such as work or school, and providing such a place is the “value provided to customers” for Starbucks Coffee.

People who visit Starbucks Coffee not only enjoy delicious and cost-balanced coffee, but also value spending time in a third place. In other words, Starbucks Coffee has decided that the value it can provide is to become a new place for people to live, and it is doing that with all its honesty.

Will people who buy a Jeep Wrangler also consider the Benz G-Class?

People who are considering an SUV (sport utility vehicle) as a foreign car often list Jeep’s Wrangler and Mercedes-Benz’s G-Class (also known as Geländewagen).

So, should people who buy a Jeep Wrangler consider buying a Benz G-Class?

Let’s consider the “value provided to customers” of both.

It seems that the previous Jeep Wrangler had problems such as some things leaking and the navigation system often misaligned (this has now been improved). Also, the vehicles are large and have to be able to turn quickly. However, it is also true that Jeep Wranglers are often seen around town. So why do so many people buy Jeep Wranglers?

People who buy a Jeep Wrangler probably aren’t looking for functionality, but rather are attracted to the ruggedness of the car, such as the way it drives through the middle of the desert with a cloud of dust, or the way it effortlessly zips along a riverbank or into the mountains. it might be. In fact, it is often used by the military and has a strong image of being an “outdoor” vehicle. For this reason, it is extremely popular with people who like the outdoors and people who like SUVs. Jeep Wrangler’s “customer value” is to allow customers to enjoy the exhilaration of owning a car with such a strong image, going outdoors in a Jeep Wrangler, and experiencing the exhilaration of the experience.

Many of you may already understand this, but people who buy a Jeep Wrangler will not buy a Benz G-Class. I’m just speculating from this point, but Benz is a so-called “luxury brand,” and the majority of people who purchase the Benz G-Class may not be outdoor enthusiasts. It is likely that functionality is also important, so it seems that the direction is different from those who prefer Jeep Wrangler. Most Benz G-Class users purchase a car as if they were buying a luxury brand, and this can be said to be the “customer value” of the Benz G-Class.

If you think about it this way, you can see that even though the Jeep Wrangler and the Benz G-Class are both high-class SUVs, the underlying “value provided to customers” is completely different.

How to find the “customer value” of your products and services?

What is important in order to find true “customer value” in your company’s products and services is to have a belief and vision about your company’s products, services, and company. It is also important to honestly think of ways to achieve these goals and continue to use the PDCA cycle.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is to recognize that the “value provided to customers” is determined by the customer and the market. Therefore, even if you incorporate it into strategies and tactics to some extent, customers may not understand the value you provide. Therefore, it is important to incorporate these measures into the level of the company’s culture, rather than just taking small measures. We hope that this article will give you an opportunity to think about the value you provide to your customers in your business.


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