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What kind of human resources and programming skills can be active in the age of AI?

AI is one of the hottest areas of technology right now.

Although it is a program, it can learn and make decisions autonomously, and at times, it can be expected to work more flexibly than humans. Artificial intelligence is becoming commonplace in our lives.

Therefore, the demand for “engineers who can use AI” is rapidly increasing in engineering recruitment.

And I often hear that the hurdles to acquiring AI engineering skills are much lower than in the past and that even working adults can learn from them.

However, in the first place, it is difficult to understand what kind of technology a so-called AI human resource refers to, and what skills companies are looking for.

This time, while considering what kind of human resources can be active on the front lines in the age of AI, we will also introduce programming languages ​​that are indispensable for AI human resources.

Table of Contents

  • What is the age of AI?
    • Why is AI attracting attention?
    • Tasks that AI is good at
  • What kind of person is an AI human resource?
    • To have deep insight into AI
    • Artificial intelligence born from programming
    • Anything can be the reason
  • What programming language is compatible with AI?
    • A programming language that can also be used for AI development
  • The best language for AI programming
    • Best Language for AI Programming 1: Python
    • Best Language for AI Programming 2: R
    • Best Language for AI Programming 3: C
  • In conclusion

What is the age of AI?

The time has come for artificial intelligence to become the mainstream of the world. The Siri built into smartphones and the existence of smart speakers are very close to the robots and AI that we envisioned a decade ago.

In addition, it can be used in a wide range of fields, such as recommendation functions for shopping sites such as Amazon and assistant functions using chatbots.

Why is AI attracting attention?

One of the main reasons AI is attracting attention is that it can be expected to play an active role in various fields, as mentioned above.

It is said that AI can replace most of the tasks that humans have been in charge of so far, and there is a growing debate in each industry about how to shift the ratio of AI and human roles.

And at the same time as the versatility of AI has increased, it can be said that the fact that the operation of AI has become dramatically easier than before is also a major factor in attracting attention.

Until now, when building a program, not only for AI, it was necessary to start by writing out the commands, which required a huge amount of knowledge, skills, and time.

However, commands have now become standardized, and it is now possible to program AI using a relatively simple programming language.

AI can be created simply by assembling existing code like blocks.

Tasks that AI is good at

Although it is said that artificial intelligence is different from conventional programs, it should be kept in mind that it is a program artificially created by humans.

Therefore, AI is rather good at processing work-related tasks.

A feature of AI is that it can derive answers from existing information, such as product quality checks, memorization, and sales forecasts based on past data.

Another strength of AI is its ability to maintain a constant level of performance no matter how hard it is used, as long as the hardware does not fail.

If you don’t give a certain amount of rest for a certain amount of working hours, like a human being, you work eight hours a day and rest after that, it will interfere with your work.

On the other hand, AI and robots do not have mental fatigue, so if you maintain the hardware regularly, you can repeat the same work semi-permanently.

It can be said that the greatest strength of AI is that it has this high work efficiency and human flexibility.

What kind of person is an AI human resource?

Next, let’s think about people who are called AI human resources. AI human resources are said to be the driving force of the AI ​​era, but what kind of work are they specifically engaged in?

To have deep insight into AI

AI human resource is a term that has come to be used in many media, but in short, there is no doubt that it means human resources who can perform AI engineering.

However, there is also a tendency not to call human resources who can build AI simply by programming AI human resources.

In the IT Media article, “Those Who Will Survive in the Age of AI Should We Aim to Become ‘AI Human Resources?” There is also an example of AI human resources who can convey what benefits they can enjoy.

[People who will survive in the AI ​​era Should we aim to become “AI human resources”?] – ITmedia NEWS

Of course, the skills of engineers involved in AI are essential, but more than that, society is looking for human resources with the ability to see how AI can be useful to society.

Developing this kind of creativity can be difficult by studying overnight.

For that reason, it is better to acquire engineering skills that can surely be made into things and to work with AI while thinking about what it can do.

Artificial intelligence born from programming

When AI becomes advanced, it is said that it can sometimes act with intelligence that is higher than humans or humans.

However, since it was born from advanced programming and hardware technology, it is not uncommon for it to be a basic mechanism when traced back.

AI, which is currently being put into operation, can perform tasks such as efficiently collecting data, calculating simple sales forecasts, or, in the case of chatbots, responding with the optimal pre-prepared template for conversations. fulfill.

The word AI gives the impression of intimidation, but since we live in an era where we can easily handle AI, it is not so difficult to acquire the skills to do so.

Rather, even if you learn a little programming, you will be able to touch a glimpse of technology that leads to AI, so it will become more familiar.

Anything can be the reason

To learn AI well, it is important to first become familiar with and interested in AI.

Think about the points of contact with yourself, such as what artificial intelligence technology you are most indebted to now, and whether any things around you are equipped with AI.

Alternatively, it would be a good idea to think about whether there are any tasks or tasks that you would like to entrust to artificial intelligence.

Many tasks around us can be automated, such as automating the creation of daily reports, automatically turning on and off the lights in the room, and automatically replying to emails.

It would be nice to have an ambitious dream to develop artificial intelligence to have a human-like brain, but first of all, set a goal of automating trivial things that even humans can do in one minute. I recommend trying it.

What programming language is compatible with AI?

 What you need to take such a small step is choosing the programming language you learn.

It is useful to be able to use multiple languages ​​once you acquire the skills, but mastering one language first is a shortcut to maintaining motivation and improving your skills.

A programming language that can also be used for AI development

At present, most of the AI ​​development is not using a dedicated programming language, but already using a popular language and applying it to artificial intelligence.

It is a programming language that can be used for AI development, so even if you lose interest in artificial intelligence in the middle of learning, you can apply it to different developments.

The best language for AI programming

[Introduction 5] Market value of AI engineers

Finally, I would like to introduce some of the languages ​​that are currently popular in AI programming.

Best Language for AI Programming 1: Python

The first is Python.

This language is the most popular in the development of artificial intelligence, so many people have heard the name at least once.

One of the reasons why Python is so widely used is the richness of its libraries.

Researchers who were involved in Python in the early days have enriched the library for performing calculations from an early stage. A user is born.

Even now, the user community is enriched, and information is exchanged actively every day, so it is said to be friendly to beginners.

Best Language for AI Programming 2: R

The R language is a computational language called the previous generation of Python, but there are still advantages to using it.

R is said to have more packages than Python. A package is an algorithm developed by people all over the world, and R has the extensibility that it can be introduced simply by downloading the whole package.

Python seems to be slowly closing the gap, but the R language isn’t a bad choice either.

Best Language for AI Programming 3: C

The C language is one of the oldest and most complex programming languages.

However, it is said that it has infinite possibilities depending on the skill, and many people love it.

One of the reasons why we use C language for learning AI is that we can develop with hardware in mind.

The C language is often used for OS development because coding that is compatible with hardware can lead to faster machine speeds and lower error rates.

AI is also a field in which development often relies on hardware, so this language is recommended for those who want to try more than programming in the field of artificial intelligence.

In conclusion

AI is a high-tech technology that is familiar to us, but it is also a technology that has become easier to learn.

AI talent is not a genius scientist, but a person who has the skills of a general engineer, so there is no need to feel more pressure than necessary.

It would be a good idea to try various things to find out what fields your curiosity about AI touches and proceed with your learning.


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