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What is Python?

“What can you do with the programming language Python?”
“How should I study?”

Don’t you think?

Even if you want to learn Python as a programming language, you may be wondering what you can do and what kind of learning you should do.

So, what are the techniques and efficient study methods used in Python?

So this time

  • What is the popular programming language Python
  • What you can do with Python and practical examples
  • Why Python is attracting attention and web services that you can learn for free

I will explain in detail about.

By reading this article, you will know what kind of language Python is used for and what kind of services it is used for .

Table of contents

  • Popular programming language: Python
  • 5 things you can do with Python
    • 1. Machine learning development
    • 2. Production of games and web applications
    • 3. Blockchain development
    • 4.Processing of image data and text data
    • 5. Scraping
  • 5 web services using Python
    • 1. Youtube
    • 2.Dropbox
    • 3. Netflix
    • 4.Instagram
    • 5. Evernote
  • 3 Reasons Why Python Matters
    • 1. Low cost of learning
    • 2. High potential
    • 3. Can be developed in a wide range of areas
  • 5 web services where you can learn Python for free
    • 1. Progate
    • 2. Dot install
    • 3. Google Colaboratory
    • 4.paiza
    • 5. Python-izm
  • Summary: Python is in high demand and has a good learning environment

Popular programming language: Python

someone who talks about programming in python

Python is a language announced by Mr. Guido van Rossum of the Netherlands, and has become famous for machine learning and AI development.

Today, it is widely used in systems management, IoT, etc.

It also has the following features.

  • Programs can be easily created with a small amount of code
  • Easy to read source code
  • Simple grammar and low learning cost
  • Extensive use of external libraries

Because it is a popular language worldwide, there are many teaching materials that can be learned, so it can be said that it is a recommended language for beginner engineers.

5 things you can do with Python

person programming in python

Next, I’ll show you what you can do with Python.

Python code is simple and easy to read, so it is used in a wide range of applications as shown below.

  1. machine learning development
  2. Production of games and web applications
  3. Blockchain development
  4. Processing of image data and text data
  5. scraping

Let’s see if we can do what we want to do.

1. Machine learning development

One thing Python can do is develop machine learning.

Machine learning code that requires a lot of data can be written simply and easily with Python .

As a specific technology,

  • image search
  • View search results
  • Determining the order of posts displayed on the SNS home screen

etc., and are also used in familiar places.

Python’s strengths can be maximized in the area of ​​machine learning that deals with large amounts of data.

2.Production of games and web applications

Python is also suitable for creating games and web applications.

This is because there are many libraries and frameworks that are convenient for development .

It’s not difficult to learn, and the grammar is easy to remember.

Games can also be created using libraries developed in fast languages.

In particular, web application development can be produced in a short time by using a framework.

3.Blockchain development

Blockchain is a technology that can accurately record transaction history on the network.

There are many languages ​​that can develop blockchains, such as JavaScript and C++, but in recent years, the number of companies adopting Python has increased.

The reason is that it already has functions that are essential for blockchain development .

for example,

  • Can handle HTTP requests
  • Is there a library that can use hash functions?
  • Extensive library of numerical calculations

And so on.

Developing a blockchain requires advanced technology.

Therefore, it can be said that Python, which is strong in numerical calculation and has many libraries, is suitable for blockchain development.

4.Processing of image data and text data

Python is used for various purposes such as analyzing image data and extracting text data.

The reason is that Python is a language that is good at processing large amounts of data on the web and automatically extracting it .

Specifically, the following are possible.

  • Analyze images and extract contours, eyes and noses
  • Read PDF and output to Excel file
  • Transcribe from audio data

The automatic processing of image and text data by Python is useful not only for applications and web services, but also for improving work efficiency at the company.

5. Scraping

Scraping is collecting information from a website.

It’s hard to do scraping manually, but if you use Python, you can automatically and quickly collect information from multiple sites .

Because there are multiple libraries for scraping.

For example, you can do the following:

  • Extract the URL, title, and text of the news site and output to an Excel file
  • Extract popular product rankings and prices from EC sites and record them daily
  • Extract and save images containing specific keywords

By automating it using Python, you will be able to get a lot of information quickly and accurately.

5 web services using Python

People who enjoy services programmed with python

Now, let’s take a look at five web services that actually use Python.

  1. YouTube
  2. Dropbox
  3. Netflix
  4. Instagram
  5. Evernote

I think it’s easy to imagine because it’s all famous services .

Let’s take a closer look at why Python is used and for what purposes.

1. Youtube

YouTube is one of the most popular web services that use Python.

This is because Python is suitable for developing the main functions of Youtube, such as video playback, search, and account management .

The reason is

  • There are many libraries for video processing.
  • Good at extracting the target from a large amount of data
  • high security

And so on.

Python is the perfect development language for Youtube, which has a lot of data.


Dropbox is a web service using Python.

Dropbox is supported by many people because it allows you to easily share photos, videos, and text files.

The reason for its popularity is that it can be accessed from any device, not just a computer.

It can be used not only in business situations, but also in everyday situations such as when you want to share photos with friends.

The use of Python in Dropbox makes it simple to use and enables smooth file sharing .

3. Netflix

Netflix is ​​a service that allows you to watch dramas and movies on your computer or smartphone.

Python is characterized by its strength in data analysis and machine learning, so it will be possible to recommend works that match the user’s taste from a huge number of works .

For example, if you watch action movies repeatedly, similar genre works will be displayed.

This saves users the trouble of having to search for what they want to see on their own, leading to continued use.


Instagram is a hugely popular app for sharing photos and videos and finding trends.

By using Python, you can develop quickly and provide photos and videos that match the user’s preferences .

Specifically, we have the following strengths.

  • fast development speed
  • strong in machine learning
  • strong in automation

Python is a language suitable for web application development where speed is required.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a service that allows you to store memos in the form of text, images, PDFs, and Office documents in the cloud.

Evernote is developed by taking advantage of Python’s strengths, which are suitable for machine learning.

Not only can you search for characters, but you can also detect characters from saved handwritten memos and documents .

Searches that require advanced image recognition can also be achieved using Python.

3 Reasons Why Python Matters

person programming in python

Why is Python getting so much attention?

Python has become a popular programming language in the world, and more and more companies are adopting Python in Japan.

The number of job openings is also increasing, and it can be said that the benefits of learning Python are great .

Here, I will focus on three reasons why Python is attracting attention.

  1. low learning cost
  2. high future potential
  3. Able to develop in a wide range of fields

Let’s see.

1. Low cost of learning

The reason why Python is attracting attention for programming beginners is that the learning cost is low.

Python code is simple and easy to understand, and there are many libraries and frameworks available.

Because it has a simple syntax, there is less to remember than other languages, and it has the advantage that it is easy to find corrections because the code will be similar regardless of who writes it.

Also, if you use a library, you don’t have to write code from scratch, so there is also the aspect that an environment that is easy to code is in place.

Compared to other languages, Python is easy for beginners to learn without getting frustrated.

2. High potential

One of the reasons why Python is attracting attention is that it has a high future potential as a programming language.

This is because there is a lot of room for utilization in EC sites, for which demand has been increasing in recent years, and machine learning and AI, which are expected to further develop in the future.

By using the framework, there are advantages such as reducing the development cost of the EC site and introducing Python to services using AI technology.

Python is said to be a language with high future potential because of its high versatility and strength in fields that will grow in the future.

3. Can be developed in a wide range of areas

Python is attracting attention due to its high versatility that can be used in a wide range of genres.

This is because it is highly convenient because you can use it in combination with the necessary items from among the abundantly prepared libraries.

Another reason why Python is adopted in many fields is that it is compatible with the C language.

In fact, in addition to the fields of current attention such as AI development and big data analysis,

  • web app
  • Image analysis processing
  • Business efficiency
  • marketing

It is used in a wide range of fields such as

Python is used in various fields because of its high practicality, convenience, and compatibility with other languages .

5 web services where you can learn Python for free

python programming learner

Now that you know the features and strengths of Python, here are five web services that you can learn for free.

  1. Progate
  2. dot install
  3. Google Colaboratory
  4. paiza
  5. Python-izm

If you are at a conceptual or basic level, the above services will suffice.

You can start by using a free learning site to see if Python is right for you.

1. Progate

Progate is an online programming learning service for beginners where you can enjoy learning like a game .

After learning the basics and basics with illustration-centered slides, you can actually write code on the browser and practice.

Python has 5 courses in all, and it is a specification that gradually improves the level.

The last one will be a paid plan,

  • Rock-paper-scissors game to learn about functions and modules
  • A food ordering system where you can learn about classes
  • A food ordering system where you can learn about inheritance

And so on, you will acquire the concept while actually making it.

progate is the perfect service for those who want to learn the basics and concepts in a fun way while actually writing code.

2. Dot install

Dot Install is a service for beginners to advanced users who learn programming with 3-minute videos.

This is because there are about 500 lessons and about 7200 books in total, and it supports a wide range of languages ​​and levels .

About 8 lessons and about 180 books have been uploaded in the Python item, and you can study basic grammar, standard libraries, and complex data structures.

Dot install is easy to review with short videos of 3 minutes each, so you can make effective use of your spare time during your commute.

3. Google Colaboratory

Google Colaboratory is a service provided by Google that allows you to write and execute Python on a browser, and is also used in educational settings.

The reason is that all you need is a Google account and you can start learning right away without setting up an environment .

Specific environments include:

  • the external library is already installed
  • You can use the GPU you need for machine learning for free
  • Can be operated from a smartphone or tablet

All processing is completed on the browser, so you don’t need a high-spec computer.

Google Colaboratory can be said to be a recommended learning site for those who want to write code immediately and do not want to spend time building a complicated environment.


paiza is a popular video learning course where you can learn programming from the basics.

This is because anyone can start easily and use their spare time to learn efficiently.

After learning with a video of about 3 minutes each, you can practice by actually writing code with practice problems.

Also, if you have any questions, you can ask the engineer a question, so even beginners can work with peace of mind.

Paiza allows you to watch videos in a short amount of time, and it is also an advantage that you can learn while practicing .

5. Python-izm

Python-izm is a site where you can learn Python from basics to applications.

This is because the categories are finely divided by level , such as introductory to advanced, trivial knowledge, and data analysis .

Things you can learn with Python-izm include:

  • How to install Python and how to run it
  • Strings, functions/methods, hashing
  • How to use useful libraries

If you practice while building the environment yourself, you will be able to understand the basics of Python.

summary: Pythonis in great demand and the environment for learning is well established

In this article, I have explained everything from the features of Python to practical examples and learning methods.

  • It is a programming language that has become famous for machine learning and AI development and has a simple structure.
  • It is used in a wide range of fields, from famous web services to improving the efficiency of company operations.
  • Because it is a popular language in the world, there are many learning materials, and there are sites where you can learn it for free.

The number of services adopting Python is increasing due to its speed of development and high versatility .

It will be used even more in the fields of AI and machine learning, which are currently attracting attention.

It’s simple and easy to read, so it’s a beginner-friendly language, so let’s start with the basics using a free web service.


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