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“Free” 10 selections of AI matching services – from marriage hunting to changing jobs!

Along with the evolution of the Internet, the rise of smartphones has led to the emergence of matching services in various fields.

In the field of romance, matching such as “Tinder” and “Pairs” has developed widely.

And now, “matching using AI technology” is attracting attention for more efficient matching.

This time, I explained the possibility of “AI matching” while introducing the advantages, disadvantages, and important points for using it.


  • What is an AI-equipped matching app?
    • Mechanism of AI matching app
  • Benefits of using an AI matching app
    • Reduce matching time
    • High accuracy of matching
  • Disadvantages of using AI matching apps
    • I can’t choose my partner
    • Lack of detailed support
  • 5 recommended AI matching apps
    • bachelor date
    • Pairs
    • Tuple
    • With
    • Rabbit
  • How to find someone who suits you with a matching app?
    • Leverage your community
    • communicate well before meeting
    • Try multiple matching apps
  • in conclusion

What is an AI-equipped matching app?

Usually, you find a partner through an intermediary, or you may choose a partner yourself using a matching app. Finding a compatible partner is actually very difficult.

AI matching, as the name suggests, is a matchmaking activity that uses AI, that is, artificial intelligence.

The biggest feature is that it is easy to meet people with good compatibility because AI selects compatible partners.

Mechanism of AI matching app

In AI-based matching, a computer analyzes ” big data ” such as the preferences and behavior of users registered in the app. It is a mechanism that automatically selects compatible partners from that data.

Conventional data matching was limited to simple data such as age, educational background, annual income, face, etc., so there were cases where mismatches occurred, such as “not what I expected.”

Of course, human hands are added to correct such mismatches, but AI matchmaking takes into account not only unique information such as height, weight, and blood type, but also the behavioral information of the app.

Most of us are not even aware of these preferences. The strength of AI matching is that AI finds such “hidden preferences” from data and provides encounters that lead to marriage.

Benefits of using an AI matching app

The advantage of using the AI ​​matching app is

  1. Reduce matching time
  2. High accuracy of matching

These are the two. I will explain in detail below.

Reduce matching time

One of the benefits of a matching app that uses AI is that it can reduce the time it takes to match.

You can omit this work by having AI select and suggest a partner instead.

In addition, the time for AI to propose a match is shorter than the time for a marriage agency adviser to propose, so you can find a compatible partner more smoothly than usual.

High accuracy of matching

High accuracy is also an advantage of AI matching.

In addition, based on past matching cases, AI will suggest partners who have the same values ​​as each other, so there is a higher possibility that the relationship will last longer than usual.

The element of matching values ​​is one of the most important factors in choosing a marriage partner.

For more information, please refer to the data here.

Disadvantages of using AI matching apps

The disadvantages of using AI-based matching apps are

  1. I can’t choose my partner
  2.  Lack of detailed support

These are the two. I will explain in detail below.

I can’t choose my partner

One of the disadvantages of the app is that you can’t choose your partner yourself.

There is a high chance that a good partner will be selected, but it is not a 100% match. There is a possibility that you will be matched with a person with a mismatched personality or an appearance that you do not like.

Lack of detailed support

Even if the proposal by AI leads to a relationship, there may be a sense of incongruity that AI cannot understand.

If you have an advisor, they will listen to your feelings and concerns, but AI does not.

5 recommended AI matching apps

Here are the 5 apps that we are going to introduce.

  1. bachelor dating
  2. Pairs
  3. Tuple
  4. With
  5. Rabbit

bachelor date

The AI ​​function of “Bachelor Date” allows you to search for a partner simply by registering the conditions. No need to search or like.

In addition, AI automatically sets the date, time and place of the date, so you can go on a date smoothly. The more dates you have, the more likely you are to meet your ideal partner.


You can fall in love at your own pace. At my own pace, my pairs.

“Pairs” has introduced “LIQUID eKYC,” which enables advanced AI image judgment and face recognition.

“Pairs” uses this technology to take a photo of your face in addition to submitting your official identification. By proving your identity, we prevent fraudulent registration and further enhance the security of our services.

In addition, “Pairs” introduces an AI-based compatibility display function to support the search for partners.



View source image

The AI ​​function of “with” is a psychological personality test. The AI ​​function of “with” is a psychological personality test to find a compatible partner. The AI ​​function used for this personality diagnosis is a highly reliable function that makes full use of “psychology and statistics”.

While enjoying psychological games, you can increase the probability of meeting your ideal partner.



The AI ​​function of “Rabbit” is to follow the search for a compatible partner.

In addition to mediating matching, it also supports conversations between two people and even gives accurate advice to make your profile look more attractive. It is an AI function that is safe even for those who use the matching app for the first time.

How to find someone who suits you with a matching app?

There are three points to find a partner who suits you with the matching app.

  1. Leverage your community
  2. communicate well before meeting
  3. Try multiple matching apps

I will explain each.

Leverage your community

As those who have used a matching app know, depending on the app, it is possible to narrow down by various conditions such as age, occupation, annual income, etc.

However, even if you narrow it down to just those conditions, when you actually meet them, you may find that you can’t continue talking or that you don’t enjoy being together.

That way, it will be easier for you to find the right person for you.

communicate well before meeting

When you match with a partner on the app, you exchange messages, right?

In this exchange, you can get to know the other person to some extent.

Some people are slow to reply, can’t spread the word, or just brag about themselves. The impression of the message you sent will also be different.

Try multiple matching apps

By using multiple matching apps together, you can increase the number of encounters.

This is because the people who are registered are different depending on the matching app.

If you can meet various people by using multiple matching apps together, you can proceed with marriage and love activities more efficiently.

In this way, by getting acquainted with people in various positions, you can efficiently proceed with marriage and love activities.

in conclusion

This time, I explained in detail about “matching service using AI”. I hope you enjoyed it.

The matching service continues to expand and is becoming more familiar. Matching services that utilize AI will continue to evolve and the number of users will increase.

If you are thinking about starting to use the app, please refer to the recommended apps and the points introduced based on the advantages and disadvantages introduced this time.


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