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How are FAQ chatbots different from FAQ systems?

Introducing an FAQ system or FAQ chatbot is an effective means of responding to inquiries from inside and outside the company.
Although there are many opportunities to see both, there may be some people who do not understand the difference between each.

Here, for those who want to improve the efficiency of inquiry response, we will introduce the features and differences of both, and compare the advantages and disadvantages.

[How is the FAQ chatbot different from the FAQ system?] Each feature and difference]

The FAQ chatbot and FAQ system have the same purpose of “introducing to efficiently respond to user inquiries”.
However, the lead design and means for resolving inquiries are different.
Each feature is explained below.

●FAQ What is a chatbot?

An FAQ chatbot is a tool for responding to inquiries through real-time, conversational communication.
You can run it not only on your own website, but also on communication tools such as LINE and SNS.
It has a wide range of uses, and in addition to responding to inquiries, there are cases where it is used as a sales support tool such as schedule management and product offers by linking with other systems.

There are two types of FAQ chatbots: AI-equipped services and non-AI-equipped services.
AI-equipped chatbots are characterized by improving the accuracy of conversations through machine learning of automatic conversation programs.
On the other hand, non-AI chatbots have the advantage of being easy to introduce, but they require continuous feedback on the content of inquiries and regular maintenance in order to improve the accuracy of question resolution.

●What is the FAQ system?

On the other hand, the FAQ system is a system that digitizes and manages frequently occurring inquiries from inside and outside the company and their answers.
The contents listed on pages such as “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Before Inquiries” on corporate sites and apps correspond to pages created by the FAQ system.
As a matter of course, it is necessary to accumulate data of frequently asked questions and answers in advance in your company, and to assume all possible questions.

● Comparison of FAQ chatbot and FAQ system

The characteristics of FAQ chatbot and FAQ system are summarized in the table below.

FAQ Chatbot FAQ system
Answer display method Conversational, instant answers User searches and selects answers
Answer content Answer the core in a simple short sentence Answers that are long and contain a lot of information
Conductor design Can be placed in a conspicuous place Must lead to FAQ page
resolution speed Immediate resolution of questions Need time to find the information you need

[Advantages and disadvantages of FAQ chatbots and FAQ systems]

Based on the above features, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages as follows.
Think about your company’s situation and areas for improvement, and use it as a reference when considering the most suitable tool.

Advantages common to FAQ chatbot and FAQ system

Again, there is no difference in that both tools are intended to streamline queries.
A common advantage of FAQ chatbots and FAQ systems is that by using them well, you can reduce the number of inquiries to operators and reduce operator recruitment and training costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of FAQ chatbots

・Advantages of FAQ chatbot

An FAQ chatbot can be placed in a prominent area on every page of your website or app.
The biggest advantage is that it is easy to find for any user and easy to use for conversational progress.
Also, we must not forget the advantage of speeding up the resolution of questions, even though they are simple and short, by answering to the core of the question.
In particular, by operating the AI-equipped chatbot for a long time, the accuracy of answers will improve.

・Disadvantages of FAQ chatbot

The disadvantage of FAQ chatbots is that they cannot cover all long and irregular questions.
There are many situations where a short and simple answer would be beneficial, but we cannot answer questions that can only be answered with detailed explanations.
Also, in order to provide highly accurate answers, AI-equipped chatbots require a period of machine learning data accumulation, and non-AI-equipped chatbots require continuous feedback, so make the most of them. It will take some time to do so.

Advantages and disadvantages of the FAQ system

・Advantages of the FAQ system

The greatest advantage of the FAQ system is that it enables communication with a large amount of information.
In addition to being able to provide long, easy-to-understand and polite answers, you can also insert images and diagrams as needed to guide you to a solution.
Although human resources are required, it is also possible to prepare answers to complex and irregular questions if thorough preparation is done.

・Disadvantages of the FAQ system

In order to use the FAQ system, it is necessary for the user to first find the FAQ system, search by himself and choose the most suitable answer, so it takes a long time to solve it.
A major disadvantage of the FAQ system is that if you make a mistake in the routing design, such as where to place it, there is a risk that you will leave before reaching the FAQ system in the first place.

[Introducing an FAQ chatbot is the best way to make inquiries more efficient]

If you want to introduce a new tool to improve the efficiency of inquiries and phone calls, the FAQ chatbot will be the best option.
This is because FAQ chatbots can reliably reach people who want their questions answered.
You can eliminate the biggest risk of leaving the FAQ system without being able to reach the FAQ system before you can solve the question.
If you already have an FAQ system, but it’s not working well, you can use it in conjunction with your existing FAQ system.

Furthermore, the FAQ chatbot works effectively not only for external correspondence (inquiries from customers), but also for improving the efficiency of internal inquiries from the front office to the back office.
Since it is possible to respond to inquiries on a 24-hour basis, with human operators responding during business hours and AI responding outside business hours, customer satisfaction can be improved at low cost.
In order to accumulate data for machine learning, it is preferable to start as early as possible.

[AI-equipped FAQ chatbot can be expected to improve customer satisfaction]

Taking time to solve the question is a big risk to encourage users to leave.
Improve customer satisfaction, improve business performance and improve operational efficiency with FAQ chatbots.
Among them, if it is an AI-equipped chatbot, while taking advantage of the ease of use, continuous use will improve the accuracy of answers, so you can aim for high-quality correspondence.


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