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Google Ads script to automatically send daily reports!

If you operate multiple Google Ads, it may become difficult to see all accounts exactly.

 Even in such a case, I think that there are people who would like to at least see the summary of the performance results by e-mail. For those people, we’re releasing a Google Ads script to automatically send daily emails outlining the performance of each account.

How to use scripts

It’s very easy to use, select “Batch processing > Script” on the Google AdWords management screen and add a new script. Paste the following program code into the script to be added. Give the title a descriptive name and press “Preview” to see if it works. Once you’re sure it’s working, save and close the script file. On the script list screen, set “Create a schedule” to set the script to run at your preferred time and you’re done.

Script setting items

At the beginning of the script there is code like this:

This is the part where you configure the behavior of your script. Refer to the following and rewrite the settings according to your account configuration.

target account label

Specify the label of the account to be processed. This setting is required for MCC accounts. On the MCC account list screen, accounts that have the specified label will be processed. If it is not an MCC account, leave it as is It doesn’t matter.

Destination email address

Specify the e-mail address to which the daily report will be sent. You cannot specify multiple e-mail addresses, so if you want to send the report to multiple people, you should create a separate mailing list and specify the address of the mailing list.


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