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10 Recommended Success Stories for Facebook Page Posting that You Can Use as a Reference Right Now

Recently, we have seen many small street corner shops making full use of Facebook to communicate and attract customers.
This is proof that Facebook has become a platform has penetrated business as well.

On the other hand, I tried to emulate others who started it, but since the Facebook page was set up, I have posted one or two posts and left it alone. Many people don’t know what to post.
This time, we have compiled some examples of posts that can be used as a reference by those who are worried about the content of their posts.
Even for those who have given up on posting content because it lacks appeal in their industry, I think it will be a helpful hint for posting, so please refer to it.

1. Posts about the secret story behind the birth of the product

pocari sweat

Posts about the birth secrets and behind-the-scenes stories that led to the creation of a product are rare information that can only be heard here.
These topics give users a sense of familiarity and allow them to find new value as content that differentiates them from the homepage.

2. Posting with user participation

coca cola

This is a post that allows for a simple exchange of opinions using the product, and is a natural way to communicate with users.
In addition to introducing the product, the more people who participate, the more it will spread (reach).
The more easily the post can be answered, the better.

3. Posts that make you empathize with beauty


“Beauty” is a typical example of content that creates empathy on a Facebook page . In the advertising industry, it is said that beauty, represented by the 3B rule (Beauty, Baby, and Beast), attracts people’s attention and tends to generate empathy and goodwill. . As evidence of this, users’ behavior in response to posts on ANA.JAPAN shows that they are posting beautiful photos of themselves, and that they are empathizing with the site.

4. Posts related to seasonal/current events

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Posts that are tailored to seasonal or current events will be more likely to be accepted as topics that are common to everyone.
In particular, this post is based on the human psychological season (the season that humans feel in their hearts, and it feels 1 to 2 months earlier than the actual season), and I have created associations from the autumn season (winter ⇒ Christmas ⇒ chicken). It is possible that you are introducing a product that can be used.

5. Posts that fit into your daily life

Starbucks Coffee

It is important to not only take pictures of your products in a more beautiful way, but also to create posts that will help people understand the situation, so that your products will be accepted.
In the Starbucks Coffee post, by taking a photo of the product on a bench that looks like it could be found in a park, you can imagine yourself purchasing and drinking coffee while going out.

6. Posts that show commitment and trust in the product

Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

By being able to see the product manufacturing process and the people involved, you can develop a sense of commitment and trust.
Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which I previously introduced in this post, uses Facebook to introduce the kind of people each of their craftsmen are and how they create their products.

7. Posts with a sense of sizzle

sapporo beer

Posting photos with a sense of sizzle , which is well-known in the design industry , will appeal to the desires of users.
If you look at Sapporo Beer’s posts, you’ll be intrigued by the introduction of ingredients that go well with beer! Some users even responded to the post by posting photos of the beer they were drinking.

8. Posts using mascot characters

Ito Ham

Many companies are creating mascot characters exclusive to their Facebook pages . By posting while dressed as a mascot character, you can make the content more acceptable to users.
Ito Ham’s mascot character, Chief Ham, is one of them. Looking at the content of the posts, there are many comments about Chief Ham, not about the company, and by responding sincerely to each post, users can feel special.

9. Posts that users find useful

morinaga milk industry

Providing useful information to users regarding their concerns and issues will naturally attract likes. This is a post that can encourage people to share . Furthermore, Morinaga Milk’s parenting supporter for moms and dads also includes photos of babies and incorporates the 3B rule introduced above.

10. Extra edition! Even a seemingly plain image can change depending on how you express it.

coleman japan

One of the concerns of not knowing what kind of posts to post on your Facebook page is often because it doesn’t fit the industry.
However, Coleman Japan, a manufacturer of outdoor goods, has been receiving positive feedback from users by taking photos that show people using their outdoor goods, as shown in Starbucks Coffee.


What did you think?
Each company is using various methods to post on Facebook. What they all have in common is how to communicate naturally with users.

If you post something that looks like an advertisement because you want to sell your product, users won’t take any action. Also, if you don’t think you have anything to post, please take a look at what the strengths and characteristics of your products are. What we take for granted may be something that users don’t know or are interested in.

In particular, we recommend the 3B rule (Beauty, Baby, and Beast) because it is easy to incorporate.


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