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What is Multi Channel Network (MCN)? Explaining basic knowledge that you can’t hear anymore

While new content businesses such as curation media and viral media are being born one after another, “Multi-channel Networks (MCN)” have gradually started to attract attention since around 2013.
MCN originally refers to a network that organizes channels registered on YouTube by category. In Japan, there seem to be many companies whose main focus is the management of video creators (YouTubers) who can earn views.

This time, we have compiled five articles that will help you deepen your understanding of MCN.

1. A multichannel network is like a “talent agency”

As explained earlier, multi-channel networks mainly manage video creators, and are like entertainment agencies.
Ever since the establishment of a system where you can post videos on YouTube and earn advertising revenue from them, video distributors called “youtubers” have appeared one after another, and popular YouTubers who earn a large number of views have appeared one after another .
In the United States, full-fledged MCN operators have been born since around 2013, and the mainstream is a business that not only manages YouTubers but also undertakes program production and promotion of video content . This trend is gradually spreading to Japan as well.

2. Disney, which has overwhelming content power, also acquired MCN operators

In April 2014, Walt Disney acquired MCN Maker Studios for $500 million.

Speaking of Disney, it goes without saying that it is a company that owns a lot of globally popular content , but it is surprising that Disney, which has overwhelming content power, has acquired the MCN business company.
Disney has acquired Maker Studios and has said it will “use its technology and knowledge to create short-form online videos, including its own content .” The acquisition was probably based on the understanding that MCN’s know-how would be needed in the future.

3. The influence of YouTubers is on the rise

Blue Current Japan Co., Ltd., a PR company with many major companies as clients, has announced a business partnership with uuum Co., Ltd., a YouTuber production company.
The purpose seems to be to use popular YouTubers for corporate PR. The influence of Youtubers is rapidly expanding, and in the United States, a survey of “influential people” among teenagers found that half of the top 20 people were YouTubers, and YouTubers also accounted for the top 5. , and we can get a glimpse of its strong influence on young people.

4. Will the number of youtubers increase rapidly?

Co., Ltd., introduced in Weekly Us PLUS 3, launched its own network in December and began recruiting 1,000 YouTubers to join. Did.
uuum has many popular YouTubers such as “HIKAKIN”, and in addition to management,
we provide an environment and services that make it easy to create videos, and support more people to become active as YouTubers.
This year’s recruitment of 1,000 people is the largest ever, and it seems that they have begun full-scale efforts to discover YouTubers.


In the United States, there is already a trend of MCN companies being acquired by major companies, such as Maker Studios, which was acquired by Disney.
In Japan, uuum has partnered with Yahoo! and Blue Current, but there will likely be more opportunities to utilize MCN’s content capabilities.
When thinking about future content marketing , video will become an indispensable element. Web developers should understand this at an early stage.


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