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What is the Statistical Test? | Explanation of the pass rate, difficulty, study method!

In this blog, we will introduce the outline, pass rate, difficulty level, and study method of the statistical test pre-1. It also explains why studying for the Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade is useful for machine learning, so I hope you can refer to it.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a statistical test
  2. Summary of Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade
  3. Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade Pass Rate and Degree of Difficulty
  4. How to study for the Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade
  5. Relationship between statistics and machine learning
  6. Why Statistics Exams Help Machine Learning
  7. in conclusion

1. What is a statistical test

The Statistical Test is a nationwide standardized test that evaluates the knowledge and utilization of statistics . Statistical Test Level 2 is the level of 1st and 2nd year university education, and Statistical Test Level 1 is the level of completing a specialized university course (3rd and 4th years).

Because Level 1 is too difficult and there is a large difference in level between Level 2 and Level 1, the intermediate level Pre-1 was newly introduced in 2015 to serve as a bridge.

2.Overview of the Pre-1st Grade Statistical Test

The pass rate for the Pre-1st grade is about 20%, indicating that the exam is somewhat difficult.

According to the statistics test official website, “Statistics Test Level Pre-1 tests the ability to apply appropriate statistical methods to various problems in the real world based on the basic knowledge up to Level 2.” It has been.

As you can see from this statement, compared to Level 1, which involves many difficult integral calculations and requires specialized and deep understanding, Level Pre-1 requires a wide range of knowledge, and there are many problems that emphasize application to the real world.

3. Pass rate and difficulty of statistical test pre-1

The table below shows the changes in the number of examinees and the pass rate over the past three years.

test year Implementation month number of examinees Successful applicants Pass rate
2018 June 643 130 20.2%
2019 June 853 179 21.0%
2020 June 704 166 23.6%

*This is the result of the PBT test method, not the CBT test method.
*The 2020 exam has been cancelled.
As mentioned above, the pass rate is about 20%, and you can see that it is not an easy exam. The degree of difficulty is greatly increased compared to Level 2, as knowledge at the level of a university specialized course (3rd and 4th years) is required.
Based on the knowledge up to level 2, general statistics questions are asked, and a high level is required in calculation problems as well.

4. How to study for the Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade

Here, we will introduce three study methods for passing the Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade.

official reference book

This is a method of studying using official texts provided by the Association for Promotion of Statistical Quality Assurance . It is an official reference book issued by the test management organization, so it will definitely help you study for the test. Once you have read through it, it is important to solve the past question papers introduced below, check your strengths and weaknesses, and prioritize the subjects you are not good at.

Past question collection

As with the above, if you use past question papers published by the Association for Promotion of Statistical Quality Assurance , you can grasp the level of understanding and difficulty of the exam. By studying with official reference books, you will be able to deepen your knowledge efficiently.


It is also recommended to take a course that specializes in studying for the Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade. Recently, the number of courses that can be studied online using videos has increased, so you can study at your favorite time and place.

If you have not yet taken the Level 2 Statistical Test , please consider taking the “ Introductory Course on Statistical Analysis for Statistical Test Level 2® ”. In order to pass the first grade, it is necessary to have the knowledge of the second grade as a major premise. You can learn about data visualization techniques, appropriate data collection methods, and basic theory for constructing and verifying hypotheses in preparation for passing the Pre-1st grade.

5. The relationship between statistics and machine learning

Statistics is about “explanation” in summarizing and interpreting data. On the other hand, machine learning aims at “prediction” using data.

These two fields have a very high affinity because they are academic fields in common in that they utilize data to achieve their goals . There are also examples of bringing statistical techniques into machine learning, such as regression analysis. Machine learning can be thought of as an applied field of statistics .

6. Why Statistics Exams Help Machine Learning

  • Pre-1st grade places particular emphasis on application skills, so there tends to be a lot of questions in the machine learning area, which can be said to be an applied field of statistics.
  • Since the scope of questions is wide, you will be able to touch on statistical methods and machine learning methods that you do not usually use, broadening your horizons when doing machine learning.
  • By doing the calculations that were previously left to existing libraries such as python and R, the ambiguous understanding becomes clearer.

Examples of questions in the area of ​​machine learning such as autoencoders and PCA
(Details of the Statistical Test Pre-first grade exam Source: Statistical Test official website )

For the above reasons, studying for the Statistical Test Pre-1st grade is useful for machine learning.

7. Conclusion

The Statistical Test Pre-1st Grade has recently been converted to CBT, making it possible to take the test at any time in various regions. In addition, official past question collections and workbooks have been released, making it easier to take measures. Please take the exam.

In this course,

  • Visualization method for grasping the current situation from data
  • How to check various statistics
  • Appropriate data collection methods
  • Basic theory for constructing and testing hypotheses

learn about Please consider it.

Statistical Test Official Website: Statistical Test: Japan Statistical Society Certificate

In addition, we hold a practical AI study session ” Skill Up AI Camp ” every Wednesday. At the study sessions, we will cover various practical themes and provide hints that will lead to improved practical skills in data analysis and AI development. There is also a corner where the instructor answers questions and concerns from the participants.


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