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Become a home web designer from inexperienced! Introducing ways to increase your income

In recent years, remote work and side jobs have become popular, and home-based web designers are attracting attention as one of those jobs.

I think the reason for its popularity is that it is relatively easy for even inexperienced people to start working because there is no need to learn a language and write difficult code like programming.

But no matter how easy it is to start a job, if you don’t know how to acquire the right skills and get a job offer, you will fail and fail.

Therefore, in this article, I will explain how to work as a home web designer, how to acquire skills from inexperienced people, and how to find a job.

Please refer to it to succeed as a home-based web designer.

Table of Contents

  • What is an at-home web designer?
  • Skills to become a home-based web designer from inexperienced
  • Recommended for inexperienced Courses to become a home-based web designer
  • How to find a job as an inexperienced home-based web designer
  • How much can an inexperienced home web designer earn?
  • Shedding from inexperience! How to become a high-paying home web designer
  • Summary

What is an at-home web designer?

web designer

web designer

Home-based web designers are popular because they work from home and can live at their own pace, but what kind of life do they lead?

Here, before explaining how to become a home-based web designer, let’s first look at the form of work.

What is the work of a home-based web designer?

A home-based web designer’s main job is to do that when a client asks her to design a website or landing page.

It’s not just about designing a beautiful or cool website. It is also necessary to think about the user interface and SEO-conscious planning and configuration.

In addition to skills, it is necessary to create designs that satisfy clients, so even though I am a home-based web designer, I need to communicate with clients.

what kind of life do you live?

Home-based web designers work from home and communicate with clients via email, business chat, and online calls.

The general flow is to hand over the specifications from the client, create a rough draft based on it, complete the design, and deliver it.

However, depending on the project, the range of work varies, such as being involved in the specifications, and even coding with HTML & CSS after the design is completed.

Also, since I am creating a form from scratch, I am often asked to submit multiple proposals and redo them, and I sometimes feel that I am confined to my home to deal with them immediately.

Freelance or side business

When you think about starting a home-based web designer, you need to choose between freelancing or a side job.

In the case of freelancing, you can freely use your own time and assemble a schedule, but depending on the time of year, there is a risk that there will be no work and your income will be unstable.

On the other hand, in the case of a side job, there is almost no need to worry about money because you also have income as a company employee, but it is necessary to balance it with your main job, and your private time may be extremely reduced.

Both freelance and side jobs have advantages and disadvantages, but you need to consider and choose a style that suits you.

Skills to become a home web designer from inexperienced

Some readers may be interested in home web designers after reading the above. However, not everyone can suddenly become a home-based web designer, and inexperienced people need to acquire skills.

Here, I will explain the skills to work as a home web designer.

Design software skills

To do design work as a home-based web designer, it is essential to build an environment and acquire skills for design production software. Specifically, it will be the following software.

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • more

All of them are software provided by Adobe, which is famous for PDF, etc., and today they are indispensable for design and illustration production.

It is a service that charges a fixed amount of 60,000 yen for one year to use, but it is a full pack that allows you to use all the software provided by Adobe, including the above three, so I think there is no loss.

If you are serious about becoming a home-based web designer, introduce it and work hard to acquire skills.

Knowledge of color coordination

Knowledge of color coordination is essential for web design. This knowledge is the skill that builds the impact each color has on the viewer.

for example,

  • Blue and white: a refreshing image on the corporate site
  • Green and yellow: An image of peace of mind in healthy foods, etc.
  • Black and gold: Luxurious images such as precious metals

That’s how it is. The above is just an example, so you need to learn the skills properly to decide what kind of color scheme to use.

UI/UX skills

You may not be familiar with UI/UX skills, but I like to think about how I feel when I look at my work from the user’s point of view and reflect it in my work.

The UI skill UI stands for user interface, and from the user’s perspective, consider whether the website is easy to see and whether the navigation bar and links are easy to click.

UX skills UX is an abbreviation for user experience, and refers to the feelings and emotions that users have when using a website.

From the user’s point of view, we use UX skills to analyze “how users feel when they use this website”, and apply it to web design with UI skills.

Recommended for inexperienced Courses to become a home-based web designer

Now that we’ve covered the skills needed to become an at-home web designer, the question remains as to how to acquire those skills.

The basics are to purchase books, etc., install software, etc. on your PC, build an environment, and then start learning, but anyway, you should take courses such as programming schools and study thoroughly. I think that is good.

Here, we will introduce schools that offer courses that are ideal for those who aim to become web designers at home.

Samurai engineer

We also offer web design courses!

The biggest feature is that we create and teach the optimal curriculum according to your wishes and level, from design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to web design languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress skills.

The curriculum is created by an active engineer lecturer, and it is a one-on-one lesson with a complete homeroom teacher system from creation to actual instruction.

In addition to online lessons, face-to-face lessons are also possible using cafes, etc., if you agree with the instructor.

We offer free counseling completely online, so please make a reservation by clicking the button below and contact us with any concerns or wishes you may have!

We will suggest the best career and study method for you.

Digital ONLINE

To become a web designer, Digihari ONLINE offers not only production skills but also planning know-how, marketing, and learning.

There are many courses for aiming to become a web designer, and it is attractive that you can respond flexibly, such as learning skills that you lack.

We also offer job change support, so why not try to consult us once?

Tech Academy

TechAcademy claims that students can experience practical work by learning one skill about web design during the study period and aiming to release four websites.

One of the features of this course is that the lecturer provides full support until the publication of the original website, so students can study with peace of mind.

We also offer a free trial, so we recommend that you consult with us.


CodeCamp is a place where you can learn web design skills centered on responsive design and is the perfect course for inexperienced people to learn web design.

The number one feature is the system that allows you to choose a teacher for each lesson, so you can study hard with your favorites and a teacher who fits your breath.

There is generous support for inexperienced people, and it is a strong ally for those who want to become web designers.

Human Academy


It will be a web design course at Human Academy, which is famous as a computer school.

You can study in either an online style where you can study online at home, or a homeroom style where you can go to a school and learn in a small group, or both styles.

Because you can study flexibly, it is a course that you can continue without getting bored, so why not visit it once?

How to find a job as an inexperienced at-home web designer

Even if an inexperienced person acquires skills and decides to work hard as a home-based web designer, he or she will be worried about how to get a job.

A job offer can only be obtained by taking action. Here, inexperienced people will explain how to find a job as a home-based web designer.

Prepare your portfolio first

First of all, before applying for a job, create a portfolio that will let others know your skills and sensibilities as a designer.

It is best to create a portfolio so that you can understand the following points in addition to the work you designed.

  • Software used for design
  • time taken for production
  • Point introduction of the work

Also, if you introduce what kind of design you are good at, you may be able to develop a deep relationship with a specific client. As an example,

  • Good at corporate sites
  • Good at designing apparel EC sites
  • Emphasis on design composition that feels cute

It would be nice to appeal.

See the article below for more detailed instructions. While introducing the portfolio site that I want to refer to, I will explain it in detail.

Portfolio sites that inexperienced web designers should refer to and how to create them
Updated: October 3, 2022

Use a freelance agent

Considering the point of stable income and achievements, it can be said that the most effective way is to register with a freelance professional agent and have them introduce projects.

Just like a career change agent, a freelance agent searches for projects you want by registering your skills and mediates with clients.

A famous freelance agent

  • Levatech Freelance
  • Mid works
  • Crowdtech

And so on.

It is important to note that many freelance agents tend to be stationed at customer sites and there are few home-based jobs. One way to start is to work hard as a track record, and then choose a home-based web designer.

Apply on a crowdsourcing site

The crowdsourcing site allows you to select and apply for the job you want to do from among several projects. There is flexibility because you can freely choose the work you want to do.

You have to look for each case on your own. However, unit price negotiations are also possible depending on your skills, so there is flexibility.

As a famous crowdsourcing site,

  • Crowdworks
  • Lancers

will be As a point to note, many of the projects for web designers on crowdsourcing sites are low unit prices. At first, it is necessary to make achievements and work diligently.

Ask an acquaintance

If you know someone who works for or is in a relationship with a web design company, you can ask them to introduce you to a job.

Since there is no intermediary such as a freelance agent, there is no commission, and the negotiation of the unit price is up to you.

On the other hand, if you don’t have connections, you can’t introduce a project. You have to act on your own to build this network. for example,

  • Participate in web design workshops
  • Get referrals from fellow freelancers


Utilize SNS

There are many cases where job offers are being recruited on SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, so it is also a good method to search for web design jobs.

If you rely on the above acquaintances, it will be similar, but since you use SNS, something familiar to your daily life, it feels easy.

The caveat is that you are more likely to get scammed than with other search methods. It is a highly anonymous tool, so be extra careful when using it.

How much can an inexperienced home web designer earn?


web design

I have introduced how to become a home web designer from inexperience, but I think the most important point is how much a web designer can earn.

Here, we will introduce the income of side jobs and freelance home-based web designers.

Income from working as a side job

If you work as a home-based web designer on the side of your day job, be prepared for a modest income. This is because there is a restriction that you can only work on weekday nights and weekends.

Also, the sites where you can apply for projects are limited to crowdsourcing sites, etc., so you cannot apply for projects with very high unit prices.

For reference, the project of CrowdWorks is shown below as an example. There is room for negotiation, but the maximum is 50,000 yen, so even if you do a pretty good job, you should expect about 100,000 to 200,000 yen per month.

Income from working as a freelancer

If you work as a freelancer, there is a high possibility that you can work on a higher unit price than a side job. The following are jobs for web designers who can work from home posted on Midworks. The amount of compensation will be monthly income.

As a freelancer, you can earn more money than if you were a full-time employee.

Shedding from inexperience! How to become a high-paying home web designer

As you work, your skills will improve and your achievements will increase. I think your unit price will go up, but it’s difficult to be active as a high unit price home web designer with just that.

Here, I will explain what I want you to keep in mind every day to become a high-cost web designer. I would like to refer to those who have started from inexperience and have done some work.

Connect deeply with your clients

You can gain the client’s trust by working hard on the requested work and proposing ideas that are better than the requested content for each project.

Clients who have built trust will find it easier to ask for work from here. For example:

  • Do you have any other problems or need advice?
  • Is it possible to raise the unit price for the next job by ○○ yen?

Also, even if there is no other work, since we have a relationship of trust, there is a high possibility that we will ask you for another job after a while, or you may be introduced to another client. not.

Always upgrade your portfolio

I believe that your skills will improve as you work on projects. So make it a habit to always upgrade your first portfolio.

We aim to acquire projects with a high unit price by updating the portfolio with the awareness that clients who want to request work will always see it.

Acquire programming skills

Programming skills are becoming essential even for home-based web designers. This is because these days, there is a possibility that it will not end with just creating a rough draft from the specifications and delivering only the design.

Even designers often complete websites by coding using HTML & CSS and JavaScript based on their designs.

Of course, since you will be in charge of the website creation until the end, you will be able to earn more than just web design work, so if you acquire programming skills, it will be easier to get a high unit price project.


What do you think?

In this article, I have explained what a home-based web designer is, the skills required to start from inexperience, and how to acquire projects.

I hope you have understood that the work of a home-based web designer allows you to work in your own time, but on the other hand, it is difficult to acquire clients and unstable income.

If you want to become a home-based web designer, I hope that you will find this article helpful and that even one of you will succeed.


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