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What is Promoted Post in Facebook Ads? Explanation of settings and benefits

What you will learn in this article

The easiest type of Facebook advertising to use is Promoted Posts. It is also called promoted advertisement , promoted ad, etc. This is an advertisement that specializes in showing the post itself to more people .

Conversely, it suggests that posts on a Facebook page are not visible (reached) to all the people who have liked them .

In this article, we will explain promoted posts ( ads ), which are important when operating a Facebook page .

What is a promoted post?

A promoted post is an advertisement that is posted on a Facebook page to get more people to see the post itself .

Regular Facebook ads are different from those posted to get people to “like” your Facebook page or distributed to direct people to your company’s website.

Unlike those types of ads , Promoted Posts are easier to post.

What is Edge Rank?

“Isn’t a Facebook post reaching everyone who likes it? Many people may be thinking, However, this is actually the case.

As shown in the image below, posts that match the user’s preferences are selected and displayed.

In one survey, in some cases only about 10% of posted posts were displayed. In other words, it is calculated that you will only get noticed once after posting 10 times. The internal ranking by which posts are selected and displayed is called edge rank .

In other words, using promoted posts is an effective way to get more views on your posts.

Benefits of promoted posts

The advantage of Promoted Posts is the ease of posting.

When you post from a Facebook page , the administrator will display the message “Advertise your post” below the post. Just click on it, decide your target and budget, and start posting.

Even if you exceed your budget, you will be notified each time. You can increase the amount or stop it depending on the scale.

Also, you can set the end of advertisements based on deadlines and budgets, so I like the design, which makes it less anxiety-provoking.

An additional benefit is that the effects are clearly visible.

“Like” a post is an easy way to express your intentions. The more fans your Facebook page has, the more reactions you will get (it is more effective if you include an image when posting). Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you can feel that your ad has been delivered, which will motivate you to move on.

Setting a post to be an advertisement

With Facebook ads , you can set daily budgets, time periods, and targets.

As a result, you will see the following results: In particular, the reach will increase overwhelmingly, so you will be able to feel the effectiveness of Facebook advertising just from that alone.

・Reach  The number of people to whom the ad was delivered.
・ Total number of impression ads delivered.
・Number of clicks Number of clicks such as “Like!”
・Click rate ( CTR ) Number of clicks ÷ number of impressions

In addition, you can see the amount spent, cost per click (CPC), cost per 1,000 impressions, etc.

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to do a lot of trial and error, even if it’s for a small amount, to see what kind of posts and images will lead to actions and other results. You should be able to understand the tendencies of users who like your posts to a certain extent, and once you do that, you will be able to start a cycle of using them in your next posts.

In this way, the appeal of Promoted Posts is its simplicity and ease of trial and error. And through this operation, you will be able to build relationships of trust through interaction with your fans, which will make your business even more advantageous.


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