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WEB site design reference! 7 Recommended Design Sites!

Are you worried about website design? Whether you’re new to website creation or already running a blog or website, you may be at a loss as to what kind of design you should go for.

In this article, we will introduce the importance of website design and recommended design sites. If you are running your website, or if you want to start a web-related job, please use it as a reference for your design.

How your website looks is important! why does it matter?

The first is about the importance of design. Website design is very important, but why? There are two reasons for this.

Eye-catching sites earn visitors of more time

The first reason is that if your web design is eye-catching, your visitors will stay longer on your website. For example, imagine what kind of impression you get when you visit a website with only text without design. You may feel that it’s just someone’s memorandum, suspect that it’s a suspicious website, or find it difficult to read.

If that happens, visitors will quickly move to another site, and even if you write great content, they won’t read it. Therefore, by making a unique layout with impact, designing a design that reflects an easy-to-read structure, or changing the design by narrowing down the target, you can make the website more readable.

You can understand the update frequency by making a design that you can pay attention to regularly

The second reason is that you can see how often your website is updated by having a design that attracts attention regularly. For example, let’s say you have a website that has posted an article and hasn’t updated it since then. As a visitor, it is difficult to judge whether the old dated information on these websites can still be trusted as valid information. Therefore, if you update the design regularly, you will know that the website is not neglected, so even if it is old-date information, the credibility will be high.

Basics to keep in mind when designing a website

Here are three basic things to keep in mind when designing a website.

It is good to change the design every time there is a season or event.

The first is to change the design for each season or event. The sense of the season is also related to what kind of content the website deals with. For example, in the case of sites that sell products such as EC sites, seasonality and events affect product sales, such as selling different items for each season and holding sales that match events. Therefore, changing the design according to the season or event will motivate visitors to purchase.

Diary-like blogs often feature topics related to seasons and events. By matching the design to the topic, the site will have a sense of unity and give a good impression to the reader.

Focus on site designe that focus on trend colour

The second is to keep in mind the site design that focuses on-trend colors. Similar to seasonality and events, items in trendy colors are also attracting attention on EC sites and fashion-related sites. The website itself can also appeal to fashion-conscious readers by incorporating trend colors. It’s easy to understand if you use it in your website design, even when you’re talking about this year’s trend color.

By the way, trend colors are decided by Intercolor, an international organization that selects fashionable colors, and in Japan, based on the trend colors decided by Intercolor, the Japan Fashion Color Association selects them according to domestic trends. Panton, which provides color sample books that are widely used around the world, also announces trend colors.

Make good use of popular website design collection sites

The third is to make good use of the popular website design collection site. When you can’t come up with a good design yourself, or you don’t know how to incorporate trend colors or a sense of the season, you can get inspiration by browsing many website designs, and you can use it as a reference for design such as color scheme and layout.

In addition, some website design collections are classified by category or can be searched by keyword, so you can pick up and browse website designs in the same category as your website.

4 website design template sites that you want to refer to

Next, I will introduce four website design template sites that I would like to refer to.

Best muuuuu.org for corporate sites

muuuuu.org is a “portrait WEB design gallery site” operated by Mr. Hideki Muramatsu of Quartworks Co., Ltd. as private work. It is easy to find because the categories are finely divided. It has a reputation for collecting high-quality design sites.

Perfect for photogenic sites! I/O 3000

I/O 3000 is a web design gallery site managed by grip on minds, a web designer and engineer. Menu Shuffle will display any website regardless of its classification. The website displayed changes each time you press the shuffle button, so it is convenient when you want to browse various websites without being bound by categories.

Web Design Clip for general corporate sites

WebDesignClip is a gallery site characterized by four contents: domestic web design, overseas web design, landing page design, and smartphone responsive web design. Only domestic web designs are classified by layout, so it is convenient when you want to focus on websites with interesting layouts.

If you want to follow trends! bookmark! v3


bookmark! is a web design gallery site provided by New Life Plus Co., Ltd. The feature is that you can view both the PC version and the smartphone version of one website side by side. You can also display only the PC version or only the smartphone version. It is not categorized in particular and can be narrowed down by keyword search. Color scheme information is attached to the bottom right of each website.

3 selections of website design collection sites in 2019

Finally, I would like to introduce three website design collection sites that I would especially like to refer to in 2019.

AWWWARDS. Design collection selected by famous designers


AWARDS is a web design award that recognizes excellent web designs from websites around the world. You can view nominated websites and award-winning websites. Anyone who registers on the site can vote, but the official system is to determine the award-winning websites based on the evaluations of experts such as famous web designers.

81-web.com A collection of simple and sophisticated designs

81-web.com is a website gallery site operated by Ryohei Kato of TRACE Co., Ltd. It is characterized by collecting only domestic websites. If you press the “+” button, you can save it on your favorite page (Favorite), so it is convenient to look back at a list of only your favorite websites.

Click here for WeLoveWP WordPress design!


WeLoveWP is a website gallery site created using WordPress. A WordPress theme is also included. It is convenient when you want to narrow down to browse websites created with WordPress, or when you want to find a useful theme.

The [Summary] Website design should also pay attention to trends!

This time, I introduced 3 points I would like to keep in mind about website design and 7 recommended design sites that I would like to refer to. To work on sophisticated designs while keeping an eye on trends, it is important to learn from a lot of sophisticated designs. Please refer to the website design gallery site introduced this time.



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