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What is Programming? 5 characteristics of unsuitable people!

Programming is gaining attention and popularity. Some people say that they want to try it, and some people say that they are not interested in it. Programming is said to be good and bad. Let’s take a look at five traits common to people who are said to be unsuitable for programming.

It is said that programming can be mastered by anyone…

It is said that programming can be mastered by anyone, but not everyone can master it easily. So what are the pros and cons of programming in practice?

Anyone can start, but the time to master is different

Anyone can start programming. You can start again at any time. For example, you can read this column now and start right away. There is various software such as Scratch and Programming that allow you to easily experience programming for free. Just by registering, even beginners can start programming right away.

There are also many programming schools in the city. There are also places where you can try a free trial, so if you make a reservation, you can experience full-fledged programming at any time. However, there is a time lag between people until they master advanced programming enough to become a programmer or engineer in a full-fledged job.

The “time difference” can be said to be one of the points to checking the suitability of programming. No matter how hard you try to learn, some people will still find it difficult to remember.

It depends on the type of programming language

Depending on the type of programming language you select to learn, there will also be a time lag. There are various programming languages, such as those that are highly versatile and easy to learn, those that are highly versatile but difficult, and those that are easy but not versatile.

Also, just because it’s a basic language that has been around for a long time doesn’t mean it’s easy. If the first programming language you learn is right for you, your learning will go smoothly.

I’m interested in it, so it’s not for me

It’s not that I’m good at programming because I’m interested in it, or because I think it’s interesting. There is a saying, “If you like what you do, you must be good at it.”

The image of programming alone may make you feel that “it looks interesting” or “if a child can do it, it would be easier for me.”

However, it is difficult to start and many people get frustrated. Today’s children are the latest generation of digital natives. Their parents are digital natives in their early days, so their learning absorption is different.

5 characteristics of people who are not suitable for programming

What are the characteristics of people who are not suitable for programming? Let’s take a look at five characteristics of people who are not good at programming.

Unable to think logically

There is a word called programming thinking. The programming education that is taken up in elementary schools is also done to cultivate this [ programming thinking ] in addition to learning actual programming.

Programming thinking is a way of thinking that is theoretical and efficient. It is the ability to think and in an orderly and efficient manner and to communicate in a way that anyone can understand. It may not be suitable for people who have low theoretical thinking ability, who always get confused when thinking about things, and who are not good at organizing things in their heads.

Not methodical in the first place

People who are not methodical in the first place are not suitable for programming. Programming is basically [ coding ], which requires the work of steadily typing in a programming language.

In this work, some letters are easy to mistake for, such as lowercase l and numbers 1, a, and d. But even one wrong letter, one wrong space, and one wrong line is a mistake in programming.

If you are not a meticulous person who can do such steady work steadily and accurately, it cannot be said that it is suitable for programming.

Can’t manage time

People who can’t manage their time are not suitable for programming as “work”, especially as freelance engineers. Programming is a race against deadlines. Work must be done accurately to meet deadlines.

If you work as a freelancer, not meeting the deadline equals a loss of trust. You may even lose your job. You need the skills to manage your own time, plan when and how to do the work in the given time, and do it reliably.

Hard to find out

Even if you learn at school and stand on your own, if you come across something you don’t understand, you have to make full use of the internet and textbooks you have. For example, knowledge can be found in programming and IT-related blogs published by active engineers, but if you don’t know how to research it, you won’t be able to get there.

If you are not good at researching and dislike it, it may not be very suitable for you to continue programming as a profession.

Unable to concentrate for long periods

People who are not good at concentrating for long periods, and who are more suited to active work, are also not suitable for programming. As I have introduced so far, the basics of programming are ” steadily, diligently, accurately, and faithfully on time .”

Coding is a job that requires long periods of concentration to be done correctly, and you need to concentrate for very long hours to get the amount of work you need to support your life.

Characteristics of people suitable for programming

What are the characteristics of people who are good at programming? I listed the characteristics of people who are said to be suitable for programming.

Have rational thinking

It can be said that people who are good at logical thinking and efficient explanations, who are good at thinking logically regularly, already have [ programming thinking ]. It can be said that programming thinking is essential for learning programming and the structure of computers. Therefore, it can be said that people with logical thinking abilities are suitable.

I never get tired of programming every day

After all, programming is also ” continuity is power “. To become a programming engineer who has to concentrate for a long time, it is important not to get tired of programming for a long time every day. Especially when you have a lot of work to do, you may have to be glued to your computer for days, even days. If you still don’t get tired of it, it will be very suitable.

Know the joy of programming

It is also suitable for people who find it fun while learning to program and become absorbed in it and find it unbearable. After all, the feeling of ” wanting to know and pursue ” is getting stronger. Therefore, it is a very important factor that programming is fun.

Don’t give up even if you don’t understand something

It is also suitable for those who have the ambition to overcome and research without giving up even when they encounter something they do not understand. It’s a necessary element to work as a professional. As you can see from what we have seen so far, it is better to have characteristics that are the opposite of those that are said to be unsuitable.

Programming indeed has its pros and cons

Programming indeed has its pros and cons. The good and bad points of programming are not limited to the features introduced earlier.

Personality is also related to the suitability of programming

Personality is also related to the suitability of programming. For example, you can say that the two characteristics of “I like to work hard on quiet tasks” and “I like to be active and not good at sitting at my desk” can be said to be personality differences.

Methodical people are better suited, and people who are generous and don’t care about details are not.

You can find out if you are suitable by taking an aptitude test

There is also an aptitude test to see if you are a good fit. If you want to do programming, but you’re worried that your personality might not suit you, try taking the aptitude test first. If you get “suited” in the aptitude test, it will lead to confidence. On the other hand, even if you say “it’s not suitable”, if you try it and get absorbed in it, you don’t need to worry about it.

[Summary] It is important to make an effort to become a person suitable for programming!

Not only people who are good at programming can become programmers and engineers. People who seem unsuitable for programming can become top engineers. In other words, whether it is suitable or not is just one “indicator”. Those who are suitable should make efforts to encourage it, and those who are not suitable should use it as a springboard to make efforts.

It is important to take this opportunity to reexamine your personality and make efforts to acquire the necessary qualities to become a top-notch programming engineer.


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