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Where should I start when using SNS? Tips and success stories for Facebook and Twitter operation

SNS, which can be used as a foothold for attracting customers online and turning customers into fans, will be essential for future homepage management. However, daily operation of SNS is important, and many people may be confused about what kind of content they should post on a regular basis.

This time, we have selected articles related to SNS operation from among the articles distributed by Ferret for web managers who are having trouble making good use of SNS. We have also added success stories within our company, so please take a look.

First, understand the characteristics of Facebook

This article explains Facebook, an SNS (social networking service) that businesses can easily get started with and can create trusting relationships with their products and services (i.e., fans).

Why is it said that it is important to use Facebook for business?


We all know the name Facebook, but is it really safe to continue using it?What’s so great about it?I’m sure many new social media managers have questions like this. This article summarizes examples of things you should keep in mind when using Facebook.

Learn about the success stories of other companies who are good at posting on Facebook, and steal what you can.


I tried to emulate it because people around me started it, but since the Facebook page was set up, I’ve posted one or two posts and left it alone. Many people don’t know what to post. This article summarizes examples of posts that can be used as reference by people who are worried about the content of their posts. Even for those who have given up on posting content because it lacks appeal in their industry, I think it will be a helpful hint for posting, so please refer to it.

When using both Facebook and Twitter, be aware of the difference between them


We know that social media is becoming more and more popular, but to be honest, there are probably many people who have not yet taken advantage of it. I think there are many people who don’t know how to use Facebook and Twitter properly , especially when it comes to web marketing . This article explains the characteristics of Facebook and Twitter and how to use them properly.

Before you start using Twitter, be sure to understand its unique language usage.


In this article, we have summarized the terms you should keep to a minimum when using Twitter . We’ve covered everything from official terminology to commonly used slang, so if you haven’t used Twitter much but are thinking about using it, check it out.

Our case study 1: Published a measure that increased post click-through rate by 1.4% on Ferret’s Facebook page

If you are running a Facebook page , your main tasks may include advertising operations and post management. For those people , we would like to share with you an example of a Facebook page run by Ferret, which has over 240,000 members in Japan . Every day, I’m looking at the access analysis report called Facebook Insight, and I’m also introducing the things I’ve learned through trial and error with posting, so web developers should check it out.

Our case study 2: Through trial and error, we discovered a posting pattern that doubled the user response.


“I can’t get more likes on my posts again.” Is there anyone in charge of Facebook who is complaining like this? Even though I pay attention to them, I don’t get much response, and my motivation gradually decreases. Still, my boss only looks at the number of likes… I would like to introduce this article to Facebook managers who think that way. This is an example of increasing user responses by over 200% by devising posts.

SNS is an excellent marketing tool in that it allows you to directly receive user reactions.
While referring to the successful cases of SNS operations listed above, determine which operation is best for your company.
If you don’t know what kind of post to post, first think about what your company’s target users want and what kind of post they would like to see, and then think about the content of your post. Sho. What is important when operating SNS is how much you can put yourself in the user’s perspective.


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