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When operating a LINE official account, the key is to respond immediately after registration!

Nowadays, various tools to attract customers are being developed to help businesses and store operations. There are probably many people who operate LINE official accounts or who are interested in operating one. This LINE official account is a convenient customer acquisition tool that allows you to reach an overwhelming number of users more than other SNS, and allows you to send messages to customers as if they were your friends. However, in reality, LINE can be said to be an ineffective tool if used incorrectly .

In this article, we will discuss why “just operating” a LINE official account is not effective, and what kind of approach is necessary to make the most of LINE’s strengths and effectively acquire customers. I will explain.

How is it different from Twitter and Instagram? Strengths of LINE official account

There are countless companies now using Twitter and Instagram to attract customers .

On the other hand, many companies and stores have opened official LINE accounts to form connections with customers .

First of all, what are the differences between other SNS and LINE official accounts in terms of attracting customers?

Strength of LINE over other SNS①: Number of users

First of all, it has an advantage in terms of number of users.

“LINE” is an app used by more than 86 million people per month in Japan . The percentage of people using it every day is as high as 85%, and it has become an established part of our daily life infrastructure. When thinking about attracting customers, this ” platform ” can be said to be its biggest strength.

On the other hand, Twitter has 45 million monthly users in Japan. And Instagram has 33 million people. Just by comparing these numbers, you can see that LINE has an overwhelming advantage in terms of the depth of the potential customer base it can reach.

LINE’s strength over other SNS②: Information transmission power

Next, I would like to point out the ability to convey information. Messages sent to customers from the LINE official account are delivered directly to the LINE chat screen, and notifications are sent via pop-ups , etc.

On the other hand, with other SNS, unless people open the app or web page and check their timeline, messages sent by companies may go unnoticed or overlooked .

In other words, once a customer registers as a friend on LINE, they have the advantage of being able to almost certainly receive information from the company.

When operating a LINE official account, it is important to respond immediately after registration!

There are various ways to promote your company’s official LINE account and have consumers register as friends. For example, within your company’s website . QR code in store. Possible triggers include friend registration based on the free LINE stamp distribution program.

However, there are many cases where even after having someone register as a friend, it does not lead to the acquisition of new customers. This is a case where the user blocks the user after “registering as a friend” or is unresponsive .

This is largely due to the fact that the default function of the LINE official account does not allow you to check the source of traffic for each user.

It is not possible to understand what triggers or motivations a customer had for registering as a friend. This will not lead to dissemination of an appropriate approach tailored to each user. This can lead to a lack of interest in corporate accounts , leading to customers leaving the company. It has been revealed that this ” withdrawal rate ” is as high as 90% (according to research by Micoworks Inc.).

In fact, companies are faced with the issue of operating LINE official accounts in that the default functions alone are insufficient. There is a service called ” MicoCloud” as an auxiliary tool to solve such problems .

By using this tool called “MicoCloud,” it is possible to offer as personalized an approach as possible to customers who have “registered as friends” on your company’s official LINE account . , deepen effective one-on-one communication and prevent disengagement.

It has been revealed that by using MicoCloud, the withdrawal rate can be improved to around 20% .

If you know the inflow route, you can figure out the best approach.

Once you know the route through which customers have added friends to your company’s official LINE account, you can take the first step in figuring out what kind of messages are appropriate to send .

For example, Company A, a marriage consulting agency, provides customers with an official LINE account when they visit the store counter , and uses the account as a communication tool for future communications.

Previously, Company A was facing multiple issues, such as frequent drop-offs in emails and phone calls with customers, and an inability to centralize various communication tools.

After introducing MicoCloud, we will be able to centralize customer communication with stores nationwide and over 10,000 customers per month, making it possible to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With one LINE account , you can now manage each store and each person in charge, and even with a system of 300 people, you can now visualize the input process and the person in charge, making it possible to operate smoothly.


In particular, we need to understand which store the customer registered through, such as “Store B,” “Store C,” or “Store E,” and then strategically consider what kind of message to send to the customer to encourage them to visit the store next time. It has been successfully implemented.

During 1to1 talk after registration, customers are managed using tags for each LINE account operator . You can now manage customer status by status and respond immediately to customers who need to be responded to.

Collect customer information and send appropriate messages

In addition to operating a LINE official account , it is necessary to continuously send messages on a daily basis, not just immediately after “friend registration”. In such cases, it can be said that delivering personalized messages based on attributes and preferences is effective in preventing customers from leaving.

As mentioned above, if customers feel that you are not delivering information that is beneficial to them, this can lead to them leaving (blocking or not responding).

Therefore, “MicoCloud” is equipped with a function that allows detailed information to be obtained from customers. By distributing messages based on information directly collected from customers (e.g. interests, interests, etc.), you can appropriately deliver the information that customers really want, prevent them from leaving, and strengthen your relationship with customers. contributes to

Example 1: Increased number of applications by 150% by collecting customer information and delivering information

For example, a recruitment media for women uses MicoCloud to collect information from customers after they register as friends.

By asking detailed information such as “Are you currently looking for a job?”, “Where do you live?”, “What kind of job or work style are you looking for?”, users can easily understand their own preferences by simply tapping on their smartphone screen. You can respond with the information you are looking for.

Based on the information collected here, it is possible to deliver the most appropriate information to each user.

This system has been successful in increasing the number of job applications by 150%.

Example 2: Identifying hot leads from questions and sending messages only to the most suitable people
< Identify people who are interested in consulting >

The above is an example of BtoB consulting “Shikigaku”. First, identify your company’s hot leads by asking a few questions and tapping the answers.

By managing the information obtained from users using tags , you can send the next message only to prospective customers and guide them to consulting courses.

  • Send messages only to the right people who are looking for information from your company.
  • Don’t send messages to unlikely users

This sorting also reduces the number of messages sent, and sending information only to the most appropriate recipients also reduces the block rate .


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