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What is web design? Summary of what and where to learn!

It’s been quite a while since I started blogging, but I’m getting tired of the one-pattern look… I’ve heard of a job called a web designer, but what kind of work do you do?

If you have such worries and doubts, why not learn web design? You can customize your blogs and sites, work in the web-related IT industry, and broaden your skills!

In this article, I will introduce what web design is and how to study it.

What is web design?

Web design is, in a nutshell, “ the layout of everything that is displayed in a browser ”.

All layouts displayed in the browser

Let’s take the page of “YAHOO! JAPAN”, which everyone is familiar with, as an example.

Everything you see on this page, not just the part surrounded by the red border, has been determined in terms of placement, size, and color scheme. The result is a neat-looking page.

Web design also includes creating layouts that can be displayed on any medium, such as smartphones and tablets, and displaying content with movement.


What is web design? What is included?

Broadly speaking, there are three targets for web design:

Website (individual/company website)

A website is a collection of web pages published on the WWW (World Wide Web). There are websites operated by individuals and official websites of companies.

Landing page

A landing page is, broadly speaking, the page that is displayed first when you click on search results, advertisements, links, etc. In general, it often refers to a single long page that is intended to guide you to purchase products or register as a member.


A blog is a website where you write your opinions, impressions, daily events, and other topics in chronological order, like a diary, and are continuously updated. There is also a function that allows viewers to freely write comments.

Knowledge required for web design

What do you need to know about web design? A web page can implement its design through programming. Here are three programming languages ​​used for web design.


HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language, a language that creates the appearance (structure) of web pages.


Css(style sheet)

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets and is a language that specifies the style of web pages. CSS is used in combination with HTML.


JavaScript is a language that gives motion to web pages. Although the name is similar to Java, which is also a programming language, it is a completely different language.

How to learn the programs necessary for web design


I will introduce three ways to learn to program necessary for web design.

1) Learn HTML CSS JavaScript by yourself

The first way to learn is by self-study. Using books and learning sites, students learn programming languages ​​(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) used for web design at home. There is no tuition fee and the cost is low, but on the other hand, the drawback is that you have to prepare everything yourself, such as teaching materials, development environment, and software.

2) Learning using web school

The second way to learn is to use a web school to learn. The web school specializes in the web, so the development environment and software used for design are well-established. If you learn using actual software in a fulfilling learning environment, you should be able to learn quickly. The lecturer is of course a web expert, so the learning side is safe. Popular web schools include Internet Academy and KEN School.


3) Go to a computer school and learn

The third way to learn is to go to a computer school where you can learn about computers in general. Even culture schools that have various learning courses that are not specialized in computers can learn web design if they have courses. Well-known computer and cultural schools include Aviva and Human Academy.

Human Academy

Good tools and qualifications to use when doing web design

Web design is done by programming, but in addition, it is useful to be able to create images for use on the web. I will introduce useful tools and qualifications at such times.


Photoshop is a digital image editing application sold by Adobe Systems. With Photoshop you can:

Photoshop has products that meet the needs of beginners to professionals. You can try it for a limited time, so please check the official website.


illustrator is a graphics application sold by Adobe Systems. With illustrator you can do things like:

While Photoshop is mainly good at processing and adjusting photos, the illustrator is good at creating clear illustrations. There are overlaps in what we can do, but there is a difference in our specialization. You can also try illustrator for a limited time.

Color coordinator

A color coordinator is a qualification that allows you to acquire knowledge about colors, such as the properties and characteristics of colors. Use your knowledge to make your designs more valuable with the effective use of color.

I love web design! Inexperienced!

Do you understand what web design is? If you have any concerns about anything in this article, I think you should start there first.

If you are interested in programming, start with the programming used in web design; if you are interested in design, start with the tools used for design; if you are interested in qualifications, start with useful qualifications. Starting a blog and knowing what you can do with existing blog site tools is a good starting point.

Everyone is a beginner at first, and motivation is the key. Why not take this opportunity to step into the world of web design?


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