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What is set in the callout option?

The callout display option was released in September 2014. About three months have passed since the release, and the number of ads with callout extensions has increased.

For those of you who haven’t set up this callout extension yet, I’ve summarized what other companies have set up in their callout extensions. ) can be used as a reference when setting up callout display options that appeal to the appeal of your products and services.

What are callout extensions?

Callout extensions allow you to show additional phrases in your Google Search Ads to highlight your products and services. Until now, ad titles and descriptions were used to highlight the appeal of products and services, but now that callout extensions have been released, products that cannot be conveyed through titles and descriptions alone. and services can now be highlighted with callout extensions.

How to set up callouts

Summary of what is set in the callout

Below is a summary of what is set in the callouts by industry and site. For the extracted site, enter what you came up with in Google search, search, and if there is an advertisement with a callout, summarize the content.

mail order

I get the impression that the mail-order system has a lot of contents such as product lineup, free shipping, and price appeal.


  • Shop anytime on your PC or mobile phone
  • 100 million kinds of products
  • With smartphone app
  • Winter sale now being held


  • Free shipping and next day delivery
  • Rakuten Super Points
  • bargain sale now being held

Enoteca (wine)

  • updated daily
  • Free shipping over 10,000 yen
  • Japan’s largest product lineup
  • Perfect storage environment

Seiyu dot com

  • Leave the fresh food to us!
  • Cheap things to buy well
  • New products appear one after another
  • daily necessities kakaku yaku

burberry watch

  • ≪Domestic Free Shipping≫
  • autumn/winter seasonal collection
  • dream trench coat

Travel/air tickets/accommodation

Travel, airline tickets, and lodging sites seem to have a lot of support callouts and site usability issues.


  • Earn and use Ponta
  • 24 hours Japanese support
  • Local branch Japanese support
  • Overseas air ticket

HIS Vacation

  • Original benefits/discount products
  • Tax and service charge included
  • Reliable local branch support


  • Batch search only for vacant seats
  • Reservation possible up to 340 days in advance
  • Including taxes such as fuel


  • [Overseas tour reservation]
  • [Overseas hotel reservation]
  • [Domestic air tickets/hotels]


  • Make good use of miles
  • JAL for value-for-money winter trips


  • Free cancellation
  • 24/7 support
  • No booking fee
  • Instant booking confirmation

Kosokubus dot com

  • Highway bus reservation site definitive edition
  • Convenience store payment is possible!
  • Delivering a comfortable bus journey

Universities, vocational schools, preparatory schools, cram schools, qualification acquisition

Rikunabi Advancement

  • 20 schools in total
  • Exam Information/Entrance Exam Information
  • Must-see for high school students

Learning Net

  • Variety of learning styles
  • 400 classrooms nationwide
  • More than 1.7 million people have completed the course!


  • List of deviation values
  • University information
  • Application form request
  • Admission information

Career Index

  • Document request is free
  • Japan’s largest qualification site

qualification supplement

  • 1 week free
  • 980 yen per month
  • 15 minutes a day
  • There is a course by score

ECC Foreign Language Institute

  • To be No.1 in customer satisfaction.
  • Enrollment fee OFF with online application

Tokyo University Firefly Snow Festival

  • Selectable style/Commuting to school
  • tutor
  • online class

Misuzu Gakuen

  • Personal guidance to difficult universities
  • Raging rate of growth
  • Deviation value increased by 20
  • 37 years of preparatory school management results

BtoB company system

Callouts regarding installation results, registered users, and support stand out.

IT trends

  • IT product comparison site
  • More than 1500 products listed
  • Request a free brochure now


  • Free estimate available 24 hours a day
  • Can be linked with Salesfroce
  • Free business card app version available


  • Installed by 5,000 companies
  • Realize lean IT investment


  • Visualization of project balance
  • Cloud-based EPR package
  • Over 300 companies introduced

Yayoi accounting

  • No. 1 sales record for 15 consecutive years
  • 2 out of 3 people are Yayoi
  • Registered users 1.25 million


  • First 3 months, free trial.
  • Threat Record, 2.62 million
  • Full support is free!

real estate


  • SUUMO for housing
  • Abundant number of properties
  • Comprehensive housing information site
  • Full support for finding a home


  • Listing of apartments for rent
  • monthly apartment
  • Full of rental property information!


  • Over 4.4 million rental properties
  • Largest number of rental properties in Japan
  • Congratulatory money for move-in decision

home pro

  • Renovation company introduction site
  • 5 years in a row! Number of users No.1


I think that there are many things that can be used as a reference for the content set in the callout, not only those in the same industry and industry, but also those in different industries and industries. Take a look at what other companies have set up for callouts, and if you find something that you think could be reflected in your own (advertiser) callouts, start incorporating them.


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