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Optimizing advertising targeting with big data and in-house data!

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Are you relying only on the data you have obtained in-house for targeting when distributing digital ads? Have you grasped the interests and interests of users after the corona disaster?
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the importance of digital advertising is increasing. In this blog, we will introduce DMP (Data Management Platform) which can be used for targeting by combining big data and company data.

Table of contents

  • Is your company’s data enough for targeting?
  • Combining external big data deepens customer understanding
  • DMP is effective for ad delivery to various customers
  • Optimal ad delivery with Yahoo! DMP

Is your company’s data enough for targeting?

The data that can be obtained by the company is the data of “users who have manifested interest in the company”. In other words, if you analyze only this in-house data and set up ad distribution, you will not be able to reach potential customers and prospects efficiently.
To acquire a wide range of new customers, it is necessary to acquire data that has not been utilized so far, expand the range of customer understanding that relies solely on in-house data, and grasp latent needs.
In addition, providing new value based on data to existing customers will strengthen their attachment to the company and lead to the building of long-term relationships.

Combining external big data deepens customer understanding

DMP, which is the foundation of marketing, accumulates “behavior history” data that indicates user interests and preferences, as well as demographic data such as “age” and “gender”. It can also be said to be a hangar for aggregating and organizing data from various websites, so it can be used to acquire potential and prospective customers.

Understanding interests before and after visiting your site

For example, if you just want to understand the movement of users visiting your company’s website, you can use an access analysis tool. However, it is not possible to obtain information such as what actions the user took before visiting the company’s website, what actions the user took on another website after leaving the company’s website, and what they were interested in. not. Therefore, by using DMP, you can understand what kind of behavior users are doing outside of your company’s site, enabling highly accurate analysis and targeting.

Knowing the customer’s psychology until purchase by behavior analysis

By analyzing user behavior, it is possible to understand the story of which products are purchased and when. By understanding the story leading up to the purchase, it becomes possible to distribute advertisements in an appropriate form without missing the timing, which leads to an increase in the number of customers.
In addition, further analysis of these data will be useful in discovering issues with existing products and reviewing the direction of product development. By understanding what users are looking for and what they are currently dissatisfied with, we can discover new needs and hints for resolving issues.
A DMP is necessary to effectively deliver the information required by users without waste and to make the most of customer information, which can be said to be a company’s asset.

DMP is effective for ad delivery to various customers

I want to appeal to potential customers

If you try to increase the number of parameters and broaden the appeal of the product, you may be wasting your approach.
By utilizing big data such as search histories, browsing histories, and product purchase histories, it is possible to extract and approach users who are likely to be highly motivated to purchase.

I want to acquire new customers

It’s also useful if you want to focus on acquiring customers who are likely to be good customers.
Since it is possible to extract and approach users whose behavioral histories on the Web are similar to those of good customers, such as searches, browsing, and product purchases, you can efficiently acquire customers who are likely to become good customers.

I want to get repeaters

To encourage customers who have purchased once in the past to continue to purchase, we will take a targeted approach, such as delivering advantageous information only to customers who made their first purchase. You can efficiently appeal for the purchase of

I want to improve customer loyalty

Even if the number of repeat customers increases, the number of purchases and the number of purchases per customer may not increase.
Advertisements can be used not only for high-value customers but also for high-value users who have never visited the site and users who are likely to use in-app purchases, enabling up-selling and cross-selling of products. I can do it.

Optimal ad delivery with Yahoo! DMP

“Yahoo! DMP” is the only DMP that can fully utilize the big data of Yahoo!


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