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Blockchain engineer’s annual income is 10 million! Now is the time to aim!

Have you heard that the demand for blockchain engineers is increasing?

Blockchain technology is the basis for operating virtual currencies, and one of the features of blockchain is its high level of security. Companies in the financial sector are starting to utilize such blockchain technology, and companies in other fields are also considering adopting it.

This time, we will focus on the annual income of blockchain engineers, and introduce the current situation and study methods.

Why the demand and annual income of blockchain engineers are on the rise

First of all, I will summarize the reasons why the demand and annual income of blockchain engineers are on the rise.

Blockchain engineers because demand and supply do not match

Blockchain is a technology that was released to the public in 2009 with the start of the operation of the virtual currency Bitcoin. It’s been a short time since it was released to the public, and it can be said that it is still a new technology. As a result, although the demand is increasing as the business expands into new fields, the number of engineers who can handle it is not keeping up. Against this backdrop, blockchain engineers have a high rarity value and specialization, and demand and annual income are on the rise.

Especially because there is a shortage of engineers who can play an active role in the AI ​​field.

According to the 2016 White Paper on Information and Communications published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, since 2000, “machine learning” of artificial intelligence (AI) has been put into practical use, and it is positioned as the third artificial intelligence (AI) boom. I’m here. On the other hand, even if the research progresses, it is necessary to develop the practical application and prepare the social environment to spread the results to society. However, despite this current situation, there is a shortage of engineers who can handle AI. It is even more so with the development of AI x Blockchain. Naturally, the demand and annual income of engineers will be higher.

Companies around the world are trying to adopt blockchain technology.

Many companies are trying to adopt blockchain technology not only in Japan. Of course, blockchain technology is also attracting attention overseas, and companies around the world are trying to adopt the technology. The demand for blockchain engineers is growing, as there are cases where development is contracted from overseas, including development in businesses that utilize blockchain technology in Japanese companies.

Because there are few human resources, it is not possible to attract people without a certain amount of annual income

As I mentioned in “ Blockchain engineers are not in supply and demand ”, the number of blockchain engineers is in short supply. As a result, the competition for securing human resources is high, and there is a current situation that it is not possible to attract good human resources unless the annual income is raised to some extent.

What is a job change where you can increase your annual income as a blockchain engineer?

Next, I will introduce a job change where you can increase your annual income if you work as a blockchain engineer.

bitFlyer can expect an annual income of 10 million yen

In April 2014, bitFlyer started service as Japan’s first virtual currency Bitcoin sales office (exchange). It can be said that it is a major virtual currency exchange in Japan. Among the recruitment information, there is also recruitment of blockchain engineers. Regarding salary, it states that it will be decided according to our company’s regulations according to experience and ability, and no specific figures are specified. You can see the number of 10,000 yen. Depending on the amount of salary and ability in the previous job, it is possible to expect an annual income of 10 million yen.

GMO Internet can expect an annual income of 6 million yen or more

GMO Internet is a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that engages in Internet-related businesses. We also operate a virtual currency exchange business and a virtual currency mining business. We are looking for a blockchain engineer for the next-generation system laboratory of GMO Internet. As for the salary, it says, “* We will give preferential treatment according to our company regulations, taking into account experience, ability, etc. ” There is a description of 8 million yen.

SoftBank has a high annual income of 13 million yen!

SoftBank, which is famous as a mobile phone company, is a company that handles mobile communication services and Internet connection services. We are also looking for Blockchain engineers here. According to the application guidelines, the monthly salary is 272,800 yen to 471,200 yen, and the expected theoretical annual income is 4,783,600 yen to 8,931,900 yen. In addition, according to DODA Z, past jobs at SoftBank, including blockchain engineers, have an estimated theoretical annual income of 4,868,600 yen to 16,446,000 yen (monthly salary: 272,800 yen to 780,000 yen). There were also things. Depending on your abilities and bonuses, you may earn as much as 13 million yen a year.

How to become a blockchain engineer? Is it okay to have no experience?

So, is it possible to become a blockchain engineer even if you have no experience? I will summarize what kind of knowledge is necessary to become a blockchain engineer.

It is necessary to learn the basic knowledge and mechanism of blockchain

To become a blockchain engineer, it is necessary to first learn the basics of what a blockchain is and how it works.

Learn blockchain server-side and database knowledge

It is also important to learn blockchain server-side and database knowledge. After learning the basic knowledge, let’s go into how to make it in actual programming and how to implement the mechanism.

It is better to be able to communicate in English

Virtual currency has the advantage of being able to realize global remittance and settlement using blockchain. From that point of view, there may be times when we collaborate with overseas companies for development. In addition, there are cases where development is contracted by overseas companies, so being able to communicate in English will be even more useful.

Study methods and schools suitable for blockchain engineers

Finally, I will summarize the study methods and schools suitable for becoming a blockchain engineer.

WEB engineers can also learn blockchain by self-study

Of course, if you have enough basic knowledge to understand how blockchain works and how to implement it, such as a web engineer or someone currently working as an IT engineer, you can teach yourself. You can acquire skills by learning knowledge using books, preparing a development environment, and actually programming and implementing.

Programming is easier for beginners to use the school

If you are a programming beginner, it is easier to learn using the school. The school has a fixed learning plan and learning time, so you can manage your learning well. You can receive support from instructors and mentors, so you can solve things you don’t understand by asking them to teach you. You’ll learn faster than if you taught yourself.

Tech Academy Blockchain Course Features


Tech Academy is an online programming school. There is a blockchain course in the programming course, and you can learn while receiving the support of a mentor.



TECH BOOST is an online programming school, but you can also freely use the TECH BOOST office. There are three courses: Basic Term, Development Term, and Innovative Term. Blockchain can be learned in the Innovative Term. Free counseling is available to help you design a personalized study plan.

Characteristics of Blockchain Course at Blockchain University


Blockchain University, which was just established in March 2017, allows students to take three courses according to their ability: basic course, engineer course, and business course. There is also a free trial course.

Summary of Annual Income for Blockchain Engineers

This time, I summarized blockchain engineers from the aspect of annual income. In some cases, the annual income of blockchain engineers is high because the supply is insufficient to meet the demand. Why don’t you learn blockchain technology with the aim of increasing your annual income?


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