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4 merits of humanities learning programming! Introducing how to get started right away

When I was a student, I studied liberal arts, and I’ve been studying liberal arts for a long time, but when it comes to finding a job, there are many advantages to being a science major.

However, programming can be studied and mastered by the humanities, and there are benefits. Here are four benefits of learning programming for humanities and how to get started right away.

Reasons why liberal arts is considered unsuitable for programming

Why are humanities people considered unsuitable for programming? When we think of engineers and programmers, we tend to think of them as jobs for people with a scientific background. Therefore, I picked up the reasons why humanities are considered unsuitable for programming.

Programming is considered a science

The biggest reason is that programming is considered to be a science and mathematics task. Because of the image of “the latest technology”, such as the name “programming” and the fact that it is related to computers, people tend to think that it is a field of science and mathematics that is full of energy.

People in the humanities tend to have an image that they are not good at science and mathematics, and people in science and mathematics tend to have the image that people in the humanities are not good at computers.

Humanities are thought to be poor at theoretical thinking

The fact that liberal arts students are not good at thinking theoretically is another reason why they are considered unsuitable for programming. There is a word called programming thinking, but it means thinking theoretically and efficiently, like the procedure by which a computer processes.

In Japan, people with a scientific background tend to think theoretically and rationally, while people with a humanities background tend to think emotionally and emotionally. Are you there?

Humanities are suitable for programming! What is the basis for that?

Humanities people are often thought to be weak, but they are suited to programming. Here are the reasons why.

Programming does not compute

First, programming does not compute. It’s not a world overflowing with factorization, quadratic functions, differentiation, integration, etc., which bothered me until high school.

When you think of computer programming, you probably think of typing in a string of numbers at a tremendous speed, using multiple computers to perform calculations with super-advanced algorithms.

However, the original programming is quite far from the “super-science image” imprinted in anime and foreign films. Therefore, even people who are not good at calculation and mathematics will have no problem.

Programming requires reading comprehension and is suitable for humanities

Programming requires reading comprehension. It is a steady work of learning a slightly special language called a programming language and typing commands into the computer. A programming language is not a collection of arcane formulas. It’s a weird language that bridges the machine language that computers understand.

The work of mastering a slightly unusual language, accurately creating sentences to give orders, and then putting them into it more accurately can be said to be quite suitable for the humanities.

Theoretical thinking has nothing to do with science, mathematics, or humanities

Theoretical thinking has nothing to do with science, mathematics, or humanities. For example, fields of study that require thorough theoretical thinking, such as philosophy, logic, and psychology, are also part of the humanities field. Whether it’s Japanese literature or history, when you do research or write papers, you always need the ability to think theoretically.

It means that theoretical thinking is indispensable for both humanities and science and mathematics people to “understand the structure and history of something correctly and convey it in an easy-to-understand manner.” In other words, the ability to think logically and programmatically has nothing to do with science or humanities, and anyone can acquire it through training and getting used to it.

Better if you have good communication skills

If you have good communication skills, it is perfect for working independently as a freelancer. The difference between science and the humanities has nothing to do with the high level of communication skills. If you are good at communicating with others, feel free to give it a try in the humanities.

4 Benefits of Humanities Learning Programming

There are many advantages for people with liberal arts to learn to program. Here are four benefits that you should be aware of.

You can get a job related to IT

First of all, it can be said that the biggest merit is that it opens up a way to get a job at an IT-related company that is expected to grow in the future—being able to find employment or change jobs in IT or IOT-related companies that you have given up on or have never considered before means that the end you can choose from will greatly expand.

The difficulty of job hunting for humanities students has long been viewed as a problem. However, by getting a job at an IT-related company and being able to think about the future from that point of view, the content of job hunting will change greatly.

Earn income from a side business separate from your main job

Humanities people who have the main job will be able to work as a programmer or engineer as a side job by learning to program. There is a lot of work that can be done with a computer at home, so now that work style reforms have allowed us to spend more time after work, it is possible to use the time after returning home for a side job. You will have a very meaningful time.

You can start a business as a sole proprietor in the future

By working as a programmer or engineer at a company, honing your skills, and accumulating experience, it is possible to start a business as a sole proprietor in the future. While doing it as a side job, they become able to earn much more than their main job, and they need more time, so some people end up focusing on programming alone.

By starting a business as a sole proprietor and working as a freelancer, you will be able to work much more freely than a company employee.

A more satisfying annual income than a general company

By succeeding in a side business, starting a business as a sole proprietor, and taking on a lot of work, there is a possibility that you will be able to earn a more satisfying annual income than working at a general company. Above all, you will have more free time, so you will be able to take care of your family and hobbies while also doing more work than an ordinary office worker.

To study programming regardless of science or mathematics

What should I do to study programming regardless of humanities or science and mathematics? Check out how to learn to program.

Self-study using reference books and video sites

First of all, if you are busy and do not have much free time, or if you have some knowledge, you can use reference books and video sites to study on your own. Complete self-study is inefficient for those who are complete amateurs and those who want to learn from zero knowledge. It would be better for such people to use the school.

Learn to program at an online school

Online school is recommended for those who want to become a programmer or engineer as an amateur, but cannot go to school due to the company they are currently working for. By taking lectures online, you can study at your leisure, and if there is anything you do not understand, you can immediately check with the instructor.

If you want to learn from scratch, start with a beginner’s class and choose a school where you can gain as much practical experience as possible.

Go to programming school and learn

If you have time, we recommend a programming school that you can attend. By learning while talking with the instructor, stumbling will be reduced as much as possible. Also, depending on the school, there are places where you can get advice on finding a job, changing jobs, or starting a business. If you want to learn seriously as a profession, choose a school that can receive such support.

[Summary] It is incorrect to say that humanities are unsuitable for programming!

The theory that liberal arts are not suitable for programming is completely incorrect. Rather, even people with a liberal arts background who are good at working steadily at a desk and who are good at communication skills can be said to be very suitable.

If you want to try programming because it’s humanities, but you can’t do it… and give up, that’s a waste. Please challenge yourself and extend your potential.


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