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4 articles you need to know to take advantage of Facebook advertising

Facebook ads are an advertising medium with highly accurate targeting , but simply posting ads will not be effective. It is important to fully understand the characteristics of Facebook as a SNS and the unique functions and benefits of Facebook advertising so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

This time, we will introduce an article that summarizes tips to make more use of Facebook ads .

1. Effective images and tips for using Facebook ads

Advertisements that were previously called sponsored articles are now included in regular ads .
As usual, if you post an ad on Facebook, it will display “xx people like it”. In other words, the quality of the image and the operation of the advertisement now make a difference in effectiveness more than
ever before . In this article, we will introduce tips for creating images for Facebook ads and specific methods for using them.

2.What is Promoted Post in Facebook Ads? Explanation of settings and benefits

The easiest type of Facebook advertising to use is an ad format called promoted posts .
Promoted ads , also called promoted ads, are ads that specialize in showing the post itself to more people .
Conversely, it suggests that posts on a Facebook page are not visible (reached) to all the people who have liked them .

3. Explaining how to use Facebook Ads Manager

Running Facebook ads can be completed with simple settings. It is essential to use an advertising
manager for subsequent operations and to increase effectiveness . In this article, we will explain how to use the Ads Manager , which is the key to operating Facebook ads .

4. How to use the app version of Facebook Page Manager/Ads Manager

You never know when a post will become popular on Facebook.
When such a situation arises, it is important to operate with agility, such as distributing additional advertisements even when you are on the go. This article introduces the mobile page manager app
provided by Facebook . You can easily post to your Facebook page check/post advertisements from anywhere .


Facebook’s user population has not grown explosively in recent years, and the number of active users seems to be decreasing worldwide, but the number of users is still large compared to other SNS, and as of 2014 It has 24 million users.

It is also focusing on increasing the number of users of Facebook Messenger, and seems to be trying to become more of an infrastructure presence by gaining market share as a messenger app . Facebook plans to implement various new features in the future, so keep an eye on the trends.


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