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3 Things if someone aiming to be a self-taught blockchain engineer can do it!

Blockchain is the underlying technology for the operation of cryptocurrencies and is characterized by its high level of security and the ability to quickly transfer funds between countries. For that reason, not only virtual currency but also financial services, as well as non-financial fields, are starting to use blockchain. Meanwhile, the demand for blockchain engineers is increasing.

This time, I will summarize information that is useful for those who aim to become blockchain engineers.

What is a Blockchain Engineer?

First, I will summarize the basics such as what a blockchain engineer is and what kind of work they do.

An engineer with extensive knowledge of blockchain technology

First of all, a blockchain engineer is an engineer who has a lot of knowledge about blockchain technology among IT engineers.

Have advanced knowledge of blockchain programming

Second, a blockchain engineer is an engineer with advanced knowledge to implement blockchain programming.

Develop a financial system with blockchain technology

Third, some blockchain engineers develop financial systems using blockchain technology. Blockchain has become known as virtual currency has become major. In particular, it has been attracting attention from early on in the field of finance, and trials have begun.

Use blockchain technology to streamline operations

Fourth, blockchain engineers develop systems to improve operational efficiency using blockchain technology.

Utilization of the best tools for blockchain engineers

If you want to become a blockchain engineer, using tools is a good way to go.

Practice application development while reading books

It is also a good study to practice application development by referring to the book. If you are a programming beginner, you can learn how to develop a simple application by learning a programming language while looking at a programming study book. If you are familiar with programming, a quick way to implement blockchain is by reading a book.

Obtain information using Twitter, blogs, etc.

It is also a good idea to collect information about blockchain using Twitter and blogs. You can obtain information that will be important points in learning, such as which programming language was easy to implement, and such points as difficult.

Making friends with the same purpose will motivate you

By making friends who are also aiming to be blockchain engineers, you can avoid the loneliness of self-study. Talking about what you’ve learned and stumbled on, and being inspired by the knowledge and skills of your peers, can help keep you motivated.

3 things you should keep in mind if you’re going to self-study!

In addition to blockchain technology, here are three points you should keep in mind when self-studying.

Learn multiple languages ​​due to high programming ability

Programming is required to implement blockchain. Which programming language to use depends on the project to be developed. To be able to handle many projects, it is advantageous to learn and acquire multiple languages.

Be able to communicate in English to a minimum

Blockchain has the advantage of being able to perform global services such as international remittances and settlements quickly and efficiently. Therefore, there may be cases where development is done in collaboration with overseas companies. In addition, there are cases where we are entrusted with the development of systems using overseas blockchains. In such cases, if you can communicate at least in English, you will be able to proceed with your work smoothly.

Create knowledge and achievements in web application development

Blockchain engineers sometimes develop web applications that are used in conjunction with cryptocurrency blockchains. In such a case, it is useful to have knowledge and experience in developing web applications.

It is also recommended to use the school if you get stuck in self-study

If you feel that self-study is difficult, it is also recommended to take advantage of the school.

You can learn online school for free

The school has free trial courses, trial sessions, and free counseling, so if you are worried about whether you can apply for the school and continue, it is a good idea to try the free trial first. It is best to experience several schools and choose a school that allows you to learn in a way that suits you.

Motivation increases when you can quickly understand what you do not understand

At the school, instructors and mentors will support you, so if you don’t understand something, you can ask questions immediately. If you don’t understand it, your motivation will drop and you may stop learning as it is. It is very important to continue learning until the end without leaving the parts you do not understand and solving them.

Blockchain course is recommended for Tech Academy

Tech Academy is an online programming school. There is a blockchain course in the programming course, and you can learn while receiving the support of a mentor. There are three plans for the blockchain course, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks, and the fees are 139,000 yen (excluding tax), 189,000 yen (excluding tax), and 239,000 yen (excluding tax), respectively. You can view how to proceed with learning and how to take classes in the free briefing video.


TECH BOOST is an online programming school, but you can also freely use the TECH BOOST office. There are three courses: Basic Term, Development Term, and Innovative Term. Blockchain can be learned in the Innovative Term. The fee is 100,000 yen (excluding tax) per month for adults and 70,000 yen (excluding tax) for students. Free counseling is available to help you design a personalized study plan.

Blockchain University can learn specialized knowledge firmly

Blockchain University, which was just established in March 2017, allows students to take three courses according to their ability: basic course, engineer course, and business course. The tuition fee for all three courses is 198,000 yen (excluding tax). An optional fee of 50,000 yen is required when taking online courses. There is also a free trial course.

Blockchain engineer and self-study summary

This time, I summarized the information I want to know to aim for a blockchain engineer by self-study. Self-studying has the advantage of being able to study at your own pace, regardless of time or place. It is important to make full use of tools, collect information, make friends, and strive to acquire a certain amount of knowledge and skills. When it’s really difficult, why don’t you take advantage of the school and acquire skills that can be used in the new IT industry?


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